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Meet our UniCredit Mobile application for
smartphones and tablets, with which you
can get access to your account anytime,
anywhere. You can download it for Android
or iOS platformsand you can activate it with
your SpectraNet credentials.




Maintenance work and planned technical development


Due to maintenance work and planned technical development of our systems the access to our electronic services is limited or not available from September 24th (Sunday) 0:00 AM to 2:00 AM. Further details are available here.



Everyone’s life is driven by personal goals and plans. The purchase of a new home, the completion of a long-desired renovation, or even an exciting journey are all considerable undertakings. Such undertakings benefit from your ability to rely on your own resources as well as on the financial assistance of a reliable partner.


Everyone lives their daily life to a different rhythm, and our needs are also different in terms of finances. One thing is certain: to manage your basic finances, you need a bank that offers a wide range of products and services to meet your requirements.


In today’s world, the feeling of real financial security depends on your ability to set aside some savings each month in order to achieve a goal you have set or finance an unexpected expense later.

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