• Shopping is convenient with debit card even in abroad,
  • You can also use it securely for online payments,
  • Debit card purchases (domestic and abroad) are free of charge1 with most of our account packages,
  • Easily withdraw cash from ATMs at home and abroad,
  • You can check your bank account balance at your domestic UniCredit ATMs,
  • You can top up your mobile phone balance at domestic ATMs,
  • It is easy to deposit cash in domestic UniCredit ATMs into your UniCredit bank account, which you can use to make a purchase right away.

1The standard charge for debit card purchases (domestic and international) is 0.3%, up to a maximum of HUF 6,000, which the bank does not charge as a promotion. This promotion is valid until canceled. In addition to the transaction fee, the bank charges a booking fee for each purchase for each account package. The bank will not charge the fee for the bank accounts indicated in the relevant list of conditions until the withdrawal, as a special offer. Detailed rules on the normal (non-promotional) rate of charge elements are set out in the Bank's Announcement and List of Conditions for Retail Customers.

  • You can use our SMS service to keep track of your debit card transactions.
  • You can also apply for a partner card for your family members so that more people can access the amount available in your bank account.
  • If you are looking for even greater security, you can request advanced insurance.
  • Download our Mobile Application Services [UniCredit mBanking] to manage your finances anytime, anywhere on your smartphone!
  • In connection with your debit card service you can apply for the two time legal cash withdrawal by submitting a statement to that effect.
  • In case of loss or theft of your debit card, immediately disable the card via the telephone banking service [UniCredit Telefonbank] at +36 (1/20/30/70) 325 3200.
  • If you have multiple accounts with UniCredit, you can use the same debit card (forint or currency) associated with the same debit card service for every account. Learn more about flexible account setup.

Assistance services with [Premium Banking Embossed Mastercard] debit card:

  • With free vehicle assistance, you can request a free domestic and Europe repair and salvage in your car in the event of a technical malfunction or accident, or you can request a rental car for 1 day while the servicing is complete.
  • The free home assistance service helps you troubleshoot problems at home, for example, if you need a lock replacement or a water, electricity, or gas installer.
  • The free health care assistant provides you with access to a medical advice line and can request health information both in Hungary and abroad.

For more information on Assistance Services, see: Customer Information and Insurance Terms.

With the [Mastercard Gold] debit card comes a number of advanced features:

  • Sign up for the Mastercard Premium Selection program for free and enjoy exclusive offers;
  • With the [Mastercard Gold] card you can use the Budapest Airport Fast Lane to get you through security check faster before you travel.
More useful information

The information is not comprehensive and is not a contractual offer. The comparison above was made based on highlighted features, detailed description of the products and services and their further features is included in the Announcements, List of conditions of debit bank cards for private customersList of Conditions for private customers and the General Terms and Conditions, as well as General Business Conditions for Private Customers and the Bank Card Terms and Conditions. The bank reserves the right to amend the conditions.


* Method of calculating the membership fee: 0.01% of the annual sum of successful and accounted purchase transactions made with the card during the 12 months prior to the due date or a minimum of the amount indicated above. As a special offer, the bank will not charge more than the minimum amount indicated. The promotion is valid until withdrawn.

** This promotion applies only to one primary card and is valid until withdrawn.

*** Sport insurance can be taken out as a supplementary insurance for card holders with built-in or optional travel insurance, and for family members with Extra travel insurance.

**** To participate in MasterCard promotions registration in advance is needed.

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