Our philosophy

Our business philosophy focuses on the protection of our clients’ assets and finding the best investment opportunities for them. Our clients can rely on our precise and sophisticated investment processes, which involve direct contact with highly trained private bankers. This allows our clients to capitalise on the expertise of specialists and investment strategy experts, as well as to access the whole product range offered by our group.

We are also increasingly focused on the expectations of our clients as it regards risk management. A group of investment experts continuously monitors market developments, works out various scenarios, and provides our private bankers with information on the most promising investment strategies. Our colleagues share this information with our clients, taking into account their objectives and capabilities.

Our goal is to continuously improve our services based on our clients’ trust, in order to continue to help our clients to preserve and grow their wealth in a changing environment.

Since 2010, the condition of becoming a private banking client has been to have HUF 100 million, which is a combined amount in the case of families. Currently we have about 1,350 customers, who trust us to manage a total amount of HUF 170 billion. (2017 year-end data)


In everything we do at UniCredit, our focus is always squarely on comprehensive support for our clients. And our Private Banking is setting standards here: we offer a service-driven culture and an outstanding portfolio of products and services to support our customers. We are also a reliable partner when it comes to smaller matters relating to day-by-day financial activities.


Leveraging on an independent investment strategy, UniCredit Private Banking offer traditional and alternative investments across several asset classes, with the aim of delivering you the most valuable growth opportunities.

At the same time, we focus on the relevant risks and provide you with clear, transparent and in-depth information on the proposed investment solutions.

Our advisory approach is based on a holistic understanding of your needs, in order to deliver you the tailor-made solution that best fits with your expectations.


Discover our private banking services!

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of our investment advisory services and you have at least HUF 100 million that can be used for investment purposes, please call our colleagues, they will be happy to help you.