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Travel insurance relating to credit cards

If you already have a UniCredit debit or credit card, you can enjoy other benefits in addition to
convenient card payments. Most credit cards also include travel insurance, so you can always
feel safe when travelling abroad.


What insurance plans are available?

The following bank cards come with Standard, Gold or Platinum built-in travel insurance:

  • Standard: Visa Classic bank card, MasterCard Standard bank card, Visa Business bank card, MasterCard Business bank card, UniCredit Blue credit card, Silver business credit card 
  • Gold: Visa Gold Bank Card, MasterCard Gold Bank Card, Visa Business Gold Bank Card, MasterCard Business Gold Bank Card, Gold Credit Card, Gold Business Credit Card, Premium Banking MasterCard Bank Card
  • Platinum: Platinum credit card 


UniCredit credit card holders who do not have integrated travel insurance and their family members can have their own Extra Travel Insurance and Sport supplementary Travel Insurance.

In addition to the built-in travel insurance, Extra Supplementary Travel Insurance and Sport Supplementary Travel Insurance are available for broader protection.


What kind of travel is it ideal for?

Standard, Gold and Platinum travel insurance is ideal for traveling within Europe as a tourist, visiting a relative or studying. For travelling outside Europe, we recommend that you take out Extra Travel Insurance or Extra Supplementary Travel Insurance.

Sport Supplementary Travel insurance is available for those who have integrated travel insurance or Extra travel insurance. The sports covered are included in the General Contracting Terms and Conditions and Customer Information.

Where is it valid?

The Standard, Gold and Platinum integrated travel insurance and Sport supplementary travel insurance are valid in territories that geographically belong to Europe, as well as the Azores, Cyprus, the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Asian territories of Turkey.

The Extra Travel Insurance and Extra Supplementary Travel Insurance provide cover anywhere in the world up to the age of 70 of the insured. If the insured person reaches the age of 70 by the date of travel, the insurance will be limited to the areas geographically belonging to Europe, as well as the Azores, Cyprus, the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Asian territories of Turkey.

How long is it valid?

Travel insurance is valid for up to 30 days per trip abroad.

For more information on travel insurances that come with bank cards, see our General Contracting Terms and Conditions and Customer Information. And with the Insurance Product Brochure, you can check out the most important information.

Who can be insured?

Anyone who holds a UniCredit bank card and the following family members can be insured: a spouse or partner and up to three children under the age of 18. Read the key features of bank card travel insurance, which are also included in the Product Brochure (link).

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Travelling is always exciting. Whatever the purpose of your trip (sightseeing, resting at the seaside, winter or extreme sports) and its duration (a few days or longer), Allianz has the appropriate travel insurance in store for you.

  • Low insurance premium, comprehensive protection.
  • You have 10% discount of „Allianz Útitárs” travel insurance in case of online, a children’s discount of 50% is available to travellers under the age of 18.
  • 2 or 3 packages are available, depending on the selected product.

If you frequently travel abroad with your loved ones, think about their safety before you leave!

If you already have travel insurance linked to your debit or credit card, you can apply for travel insurance for your family members travelling with you for a discount fee. You can do it for one year or an even longer period, so you do not have to renew the insurance for each trip.

How can you apply for travel insurance?
Please visit one of our branches where our advisors will be happy to help you.


In addition to our travel insurance, we also offer:

  • Your debit card may be useful during your foreign travels. Look at our practical advice related to card usage abroad.
  • If you like using your bank card abroad, it is worth opening an FX account which can be set to your bank card and so you can reduce the potential foreign exchange risk.
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