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Are you happy with our Bank? Please, share your experience and recommend our bank to your friends and acquaintances. With your successfull recommendation you can manage your company finances for 6 months without paying the monthly closing fee1, and we will reward you for the recommendation of more clients with a Fuel Voucher.

Furthermore, our new client can manage his finances at least for 6 months without paying the monthly closing fee at our bank.

What shall you do? Recommend UniCredit Bank to your friends and acquaintances, and fulfill the conditions of the promotion!

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This information is not comprehensive. This customer recommendation special offer is valid until withdrawal but until 31 March 2017 at the latest. Account packages and contractual terms can be read in the relevant General Business Conditions, about the conditions of the special offer in the UniCredit Bank Hungary’s document titled “I recommend a customer’ account opening promotion.

1 This exemption from fees applies to a single account specified int he referred document.

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Forint Account Packages for Companies

Every enterprise can find the optimal solution with us. Our small business account packages provide you flexible and optional benefits and complexe financial solutions.

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The information is not comprehensive. Find out more about the account packages, discounts and their conditions in the List of Conditions.


In the life of a business, there may be situations in which outside resources are needed for major investments, developments or temporarily.

Investment loan
Development is always key for a business
Quick assistance to overcome temporary financial difficulties
Working capital
Boost your daily business
EU Funds
EU tenders - possibility for development


Each and every day a manager strives to ensure the smooth operation and progress of their business. As daily finances make up a relevant part of the tasks of a business, our account packages provide solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

Every business has different financial needs
Debit cards
A useful accessory in business meetings
POS – Virtual POS
Make payment easier for your customers
Electronic services
Near and far, day and night


If your company has savings after the finances needed for daily operation, it is worth taking different opportunities into consideration. You can find investment solutions for this amount with a variety of terms and risk levels.

Term deposit
Keep your money safe and earn interest
Goverment bonds and equities
Diverse opportunities for your savings
Investment funds
Diverse opportunities for different terms


Mobile Phones


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