[UniCredit Mobile application]

Find out more about our new [UniCredit Mobile Application] for iOS or Android smartphones with which you can get access to your account(s) anytime, and anywhere.


Why should you choose [UniCredit Mobile Application]?

  • easy to use, transparent surface,
  • you can use it on your smartphone or tablet from everywhere from the world with internet access,
  • available seven days a week, round the clock,
  • during the current promotion period, you can get it without entry, or monthly fee1,
  • PIN authentication and the possibility of setting daily limits is guarantee your safety during the daily banking,
  • available in Hungarian, English.


What services are available in [UniCredit Mobile Application]?

  • With mCash you can withdraw cash without using a bank card from any UniCredit ATM in Hungary,
  • debit card activation,
  • mobil token (mToken) code generating application for [UniCredit eBanking] transactions,
  • inquiry of account balances and account history,
  • credit card repayment,
  • debit card limit modification (ATM daily, POS daily, Online daily)
  • certain account transactions (for example: HUF money transfer, deposit management)
  • foreign currency transfer between own accounts,
  • possibility to use preset templates to manage your transactions faster,
  • login with fingerprint authentication,
  • Scan & Pay function to pay your bills with your smart phone’s camera,
  • managing standing order,
  • direct debit revocation,
  • create QR codes to pay and share it with friends (Fast Pay),
  • extended ATM and branch location finder where the locations from all UniCredit countries are shown in mobile location finder,
  • further useful information: exchange rates, receive messages from the bank


How can you apply for the service?

  • The [UniCredit Mobile Application] can be downloaded from Apple AppStore, or from Google Play.

Mobile version:



Activation with valid [UniCredit eBanking] credentials

If you already have valid [UniCredit eBanking] credentials (with sms authentication*) then you are able to activate the Mobile application or the mToken with them. Please follow the instructions below:




Download the application from the proper store according to you device.

1. Run the downloaded application and tap on the Mobile Bank activation button.
2. [UniCredit eBanking] authentication: On the next screen choose the Activation with [UniCredit eBanking] credentials then write your Internet Banking username and password in. (In case you have forgotten your credentials, please call our Telephone Banking service on +36 1 325 3200 any day from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. or visit the nearest branch.)
3. Accept Terms and Conditions.
4. Activation SMS: After sending your [UniCredit eBanking] credentials you will receive your one time activation code in SMS (16 characters).
5. Activation: You need to type in the 16 character activation code on the SMS Activation Code screen.
6. Setting PIN code: After you typed in the valid activation code, set a PIN code for later use. You need to use this PIN code to access safely to the [UniCredit Mobile Application] and submit your transactions. You can turn on the facial identification or fingerprint login for this section.

If you would like to use the application on multiple devices you have to activate it on each device separately.

The mToken can be activated only on one device at a time.

The service is available only for private customers who are their account owner.

In case you don’t have valid [UniCredit eBanking] credentials



After download the application has to be activated on all devices. Please follow the steps listed here:
1. Starting the activation process: please visit one of our branches or call the [UniCredit Telephone Banking] service (+36 1/20/30/70  325 3200, any day from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.), and after identification our advisor registers your personal data and request for activation.
2. Receiving your user ID: in the branch or via [UniCredit Telephone Banking] our advisor gives you your 9-digit user ID which is needed for the first access into the application.
3. Receiving your activation code: we will send you your personal one time activation code in a text message (SMS) to your domestic mobile phone number.
4. First access: to enter the application please insert your user ID and the activation code (16 characters) received in SMS.  
5. Setting the PIN code: in order to ensure the safety of your personal data please set a PIN code for later use. From now on you will have to enter this PIN code when accessing the application or submit transactions. You can turn on the facial identification or fingerprint login for this section.

Can I login or transact with fingerprint or with facial identification in the [UniCredit Mobile Application]?

The [UniCredit Mobile Application] used on iPhone X or newer mobile devices has been added a new feature from May 30, 2019, which can make login and transaction more convenient. Biometric identification can be detected with facial identification, if you set it in the "Settings / Security" menu item of the application.

On your iPhone X or newer mobile device, you can now sign your transactions with your fingerprint or with facial identification instead of your PIN. If you use another device, you will soon be able to confirm your transactions with your fingerprint instead of your PIN.

[UniCredit Mobile Application]?
  • internet accessibility
  • Apple iOS 9.0 operating system or higher version, or
  • Google Android 4.4.3 operating system or higher version,
  • minimum 480x800 screen resolution with minimum 225ppi (pixel per inch)
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This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute a contractual offer. The detailed descriptions of the service are included in the General Terms and Conditions, announcements and list of conditions that are available in the branches or disclosed on our website. The Bank reserves the right to amend conditions.

1 Activating the [UniCredit Mobile Application] during the promotional period is free of charge, the regular fee is 2000 HUF. The promotion is valid until withdrawal. The standard service fee is 150 HUF/month, which is free of charge during the promotional period. The offers are valid until withdrawal.

* If you don’t use sms authentication in [UniCredit eBanking] to sign your transactions, you can activate the [UniCredit Mobile Application] in the nearest branch.

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