Your bank is in your pocket!

It doesn't matter if you are sitting on a train, waiting for a friend in your favorite café, or taking a rest at home, you will be able to manage your finances at any of these locations, with our mobile application service [UniCredit Mobile Bank] or mToken.

The two feature is available via the UniCredit mobile application. This app can be downloaded to any suitable smartphone (with an Android or iOS system) connected to the internet.



Why use [UniCredit Mobile Bank]?


Due to our limited time special promotion, the application is claimable without any sign-up charge or monthly fee.1


You can even use your fingerprint validated previously on the device to sign transactions.


Meets the strictest bank security requirements.


Transfer money, make deposits, or pay your bills without queueing!


What are the features of the [UniCredit Mobile Bank]?


  • Transfer money, make transactions between own accounts, preset templates to manage these transactions
  • Account history: balance and detailed account information
  • Debit card activation,
  • Debit card limit modification (ATM daily, POS daily, Online daily)
  • You can open a savings account
  • Push notifications about inflows and about card transactions (for debit and credit cards as well)
  • ATM-cash withdrawal without bank card, via the mCash service,
  • Fixed transfers can be created, edited or deleted anytime,
  • Credit card repayment,
  • Paying bills without queueing,
  • Pay Code (QR code) creation to pay and share it with friends (Fast Pay) (This function is available until 19th July 2020).



Internet banking is very convenient with the UniCredit Mobile Application! Here’s the mToken2 to help You!

The mToken is a software-based and PIN-protected code generator application available via the UniCredit Mobile Application. With mToken the User can generate login and authorization codes for internet banking service [UniCredit eBanking], and also can receive push notifications for authorization. The code generated by the service is a number consists of 6 digits and valid for at least 3, but a maximum of 3,5 minutes.



How to download the UniCredit Mobile Application?



Frequently asked questions


How to activate the [UniCredit Mobile Bank] and mToken services?
Can I login or transact with fingerprint or with facial identification in the [UniCredit Mobile Bank]?
What are the technical requirements for using the services?


Internet Banking service: [UniCredit eBanking]


If you would also like to use your computer to manage your financials, use our [UniCredit eBanking] service! Besides account information, transfers, and banking orders, you can use the Financial plan function that will help you to look over your financial expenses, or the Savings goals function to save a certain amount monthly, to achieve your goals.

You can find further information in our User Guide.


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List of conditions 

Customer information (Valid until 1st July 2020)

Customer information (Valid from 1st July 2020)





This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute a contractual offer. The detailed descriptions of the service are included in the General Terms and Conditions, announcements and list of conditions that are available in the branches. The Bank reserves the right to amend conditions.

1Activating the [UniCredit Mobile Bank] during the promotional period is free of charge, the regular fee is 2000 HUF one-time payment. The promotion is valid until withdrawal. The standard service fee is 150 HUF/month, but during the promotional period, using the service is free of charge, if the Client logs in to the application at least once in a month. The promotion is valid until withdrawal.

2The standard service fee for mToken is 150 HUF/month, which is not charged by the Bank during the promotional period. The promotion is valid until withdrawal.

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