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During our everyday life, unexpected events may occur frequently and it is always good to be prepared for them. Think about your own security and that of your loved ones and your home in advance! Do you often travel abroad? Don’t forget about travel insurance before you start your trip so that the journey can indeed be about relaxation and recreation.



Travelling is always exciting but it is nice if the traveller can feel safe even in unknown places. Read more about our travel insurance, with which your vacation can be without any concerns.

Travel insurance linked to bank cards

If you already have a UniCredit debit or credit card, you can enjoy further advantages besides convenient payment using your bank cards. In case of most of our bank cards the membership fee already includes a travel, health, accident and luggage insurance and so you can always feel safe if you travel abroad.

You are not a UniCredit cardholder yet? Learn more about our debit and credit cards.

Most important information on travel insurance policies

  • With the Standard travel insurance you can feel safe abroad and it is automatically linked to MasterCard Standard and the Visa Classic embossed debit cards and the Blue credit card.
  • You can travel safely both in Hungary and abroad with the Gold travel insurance if you have any UniCredit gold debit or credit card or a MasterCard Premium Banking bank card.
  • The Platinum travel insurance provides special protection for you during your travels in Hungary and abroad and it is automatically linked to the UniCredit Platinum credit card.
  • You can upgrade your existing insurance policy for a separate fee.

Please be informed that no travel insurance is connected to the Maestro and the MasterCard Unembossed contactless debit bank card and the UniCredit Orange credit card but you can apply for Extra travel insurance for an annual fee.

The Responsible Lending and Banking Terms and Definitions may help you become more knowledgeable on contracting a loan, while at the website of the Hungarian National Bank’s Financial Customer Protection Centre you can find product descriptions that help you make responsible decisions, as well as applications that help you make comparisons. Please make a responsible and prudent decision with respect to taking out a loan, taking your income into account.

Credit card APRs: Gold credit card: 38.18%, Platinum credit card: 38.13%, Orange/Blue credit card: 37.15%. The APR has been determined in consideration of the current conditions and the prevailing legal provisions and may be modified in the event of any changes in such conditions. With regard to loans with variable interest rates, the APR will not reflect the interest rate risk of the loan.

Travel insurance for your family members

If you frequently travel abroad with your loved ones, think about their safety before you leave!

If you already have travel insurance linked to your debit or credit card, you can apply for travel insurance for your family members and friends travelling with you for a discount fee. You can do it for one year or an even longer period, so you do not have to renew the insurance for each trip.

How can you apply for travel insurance?
Please visit one of our branches where our advisors will be happy to help you.


In addition to our travel insurance, we also offer:

  • Your debit card may be useful during your foreign travels. Look at our practical advice related to card usage abroad.
  • If you like using your bank card abroad, it is worth opening an FX account which can be set to your bank card and so you can reduce the potential foreign exchange risk.
  • In the event of an accident or a more serious illness, ERGO current account insurance may provide financial support for you.

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The 24/7 help desk of the insurance service provider can be reached (in Hungarian language) at:

Budapest:     (+36-1) 270-0521    fax: (+36-1) 270-0519
Vienna:     (+43-1) 525-03-6516



This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. The travel and accident insurance service pertaining to the bank cards of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. is provided for cardholders by Allianz Hungária Zrt. You can find more information about the fees for insurance from the lists of conditions titled “List of Conditions for Private Customers – Debit Cards” and the “List of Conditions for Private Customers – Credit Cards”. You will find the information about the amounts of coverage pertaining to the insurance packages and about the detailed conditions in the Client’s Guide and Business Terms (in Hungarian).




An unexpected event may make your life more difficult at any time, whether serious illness or an accident. It is worth preparing for these events in advance so that you can get the necessary financial support to solve your problems as soon as possible.

ERGO1 current account insurance is connected to your bank account and so it can take care of your security, providing protection for difficult situations.


In what situations can ERGO current account insurance provide financial assistance?

  • In case of several critical illnesses and the related extra costs,
  • traffic, work or home accidents,
  • permanent disability from an accident or fracture,
  • provides support for your family in the event of a tragedy,  
  • the theft of official documents or keys, if stolen together with your bank card,   
  • after a robbery at cash withdrawal from an ATM,  
  • abuse of your bank card within defined limits,   
  • long-term incapacity to work, by paying off the bank account loan used,
  • if your car breaks down during travel or becomes inoperable due to an accident.

How does ERGO current account insurance work?

  • If the above health problems (accident, illness, death) arise, the insurer may pay even the triple of the balance2 of your bank account, thus providing financial support.
  • In the unexpected events listed above (theft, robbery, abuse), it will compensate your damage or the replacement costs once a year, under specified terms.
  • When your vehicle breaks down, it will reimburse the costs of on-site repair and the costs of towing and also provides help for smooth travel.


How can you apply for ERGO current account insurance?

Depending on the extent of the service, you can select from three insurance packages, Gold, Silver and Bronze. For more information (in Hungarian) about the individual insurance packages please click here.
You can apply for an insurance personally at any of our branches, where our advisors will be happy to help you to select the most appropriate package.

In addition to account insurance, we also offer:

  • If you would like to feel safe during your trips abroad, choose a travel insurance policy.
  • Do you want to set aside some money every month? You can achieve this with the UniCredit Regular Savings Program.

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This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as an offer. ERGO current account insurance is the joint product of ERGO Életbiztosító Zrt. and the Hungarian branch of ERGO Versicherung AG. The details of the product are included in the Insurance terms and conditions (in Hungarian) document.

1 ERGO Életbiztosító Zrt. has been a strategic partner of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. since 2009. The services of the insurance company are available in the Bank’s branches via UniCredit Független Biztosításközvetítő Kft. For further information about the product, please visit the website at

2 The positive balance of the insured account is the amount available after the deduction of the fees due on the given value date, and the booking of debit and credit items. These do not include term deposits, securities or any other amounts. 



Our home is often our most valuable asset and so the right protection of our house or apartment is very important. Generali Biztosító is one of Hungary’s leading insurance companies, and provides customised and standard insurance solutions: it does not only consider the protection of assets as important but it also offers home insurance solutions which respond to the risks in our clients’ lifestyles.


What does the home and lifestyle insurance offer?

Generali Házőrző (Home Guard) home and lifestyle insurance

  • offers protection not only for the known basic risks (such as fire, storm, ice, burglary, water damage, broken glass, flood), but
  • more than 25 additional service packages guarantee that our clients can develop the protection of their family and home in line with their insurance needs.

Within Házőrző, you can choose from 4 types of products – Mosaic, Nivo, Extra, Top - starting from basic level services all the way to all risk and high-level services.
The Házőrző Top package contains all risks which would not be covered based on the basic and the supplementary insurance policies: it provides services for externally generated, accidental, unexpected, unforeseen, accident-like and sudden events, except for those listed in the conditions.

What kind of discounts are offered by Generali Biztosító?

20% term discount
There is a fee discount if you keep your insurance agreement for at least three years. With insurance policies taken out this way, after the 3 years, the term discount will automatically be renewed for an additional 3 years over and over again, so you can utilise this discount for the whole term of the insurance as defined in the conditions.

5% E-communication discount

You will get a discount if you allow the insurer to send you information regarding the conclusion, management and termination of your contracts and your service and compensation requests electronically, to the email address you specify.


Discount related to payment method and frequency
You have to pay 9% lower fees if you pay the insurance premium with a group collection order, annually.


How can I apply for the home insurance?

Please visit any of our branches, where our consultants will be happy to help you. 


What should I do in the event of a claim?

The damage has to be reported to the insurer after its occurrence as soon as possible, but within 2
working days after its detection, at the latest. For the details on reporting claims please click on the “Online claim reporting” button within the “Online customer service” menu on the website.


What we offer in addition to the Házőrző insurance?


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Please check out the detailed information on the Generali Biztositó’s website.

Information from UniCredit’s Independent Insurance Agent in Hungarian



This information is not comprehensive. This information does not qualify as an offer; all the data stated herein are for information purposes only.

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