During our everyday life, unexpected events may occur frequently and it is always good to be prepared for them. Think about your own security and that of your loved ones and your home in advance! Do you often travel abroad? Don’t forget about travel insurance before you start your trip so that the journey can indeed be about relaxation and recreation.

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Allianz My Home home insurance

We recommend you Allianz My Home Home Insurance if you need liability insurance and wish to use assistance services in addition to your property insurance and the insurance of your movables.

Depending on your needs, you can supplement your chosen home insurance plan with worldwide family accident and life insurance.

The following assets may be covered:


  • Residential building (detached house, holiday home, apartment, rented apartment, including structures, building accessories)
  • Outbuildings, storage, built pools
  • Buildings for home business
  • Elements of a renewable energy system


  • Jewelry, works of art
  • Cash and currency up to HUF 100,000
  • Household movables (e.g. furniture, household appliances, clothing, consumer electronics, domestic animals and pets, etc.)
  • Assets of home business (e.g. machinery, equipment, goods, supplies)


From the KOMFORT, EXTRA and MAX plans, you can quickly and easily choose which home insurance suits you and your needs the best:

Coverage Comfort Extra Max What does it cover?
Basic damages Damage due to fire, lightning, explosion, blasting or collision of a third-party vehicle
Natural disasters Damage caused by a storm, downpour, hail, snow pressure, flood, landslide, stone and
landslip, unknown structure, collapse of a cavity, or foreign objects
Assistance insurance events Assistance services provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency,
in the form of organization or quick service, e.g. plumbing, glazing, lock repair
Liability insurance It provides coverage for personal injury and material damage caused to the third party by the Insured, within the limits set by the Policyholder, as specified in the Special Insurance Terms and Conditions

Compensation for costs related to insured event Mitigation costs, other expenses in connection with insured events (demolition, rubble and debris cleanup, removal, planning and regulatory approval, one-off cleaning after restoration), and reimbursement of rent for temporary accommodation in the event of the insured property becoming uninhabitable
Water damages   Damage due to pipe breakage, waterlogging, pipe clogging, water leakage
Glass breakage   Damage due to breakage or cracking of glazing (e.g. glazing of windows, furniture glass, mirrors, ceramic hob, safety glass)
Burglary and robbery     Damage to the building and/or movables due to burglary or theft (theft, disappearance, or damage to property relating to the event)
Vandalism     Damage caused by an unknown perpetrator (including graffiti on external surfaces), theft of building accessories or equipment
Short circuit and induction     Damage caused by short-circuits and overvoltage caused by lightning
Earthquake (Optional Cover) Policyholder's choice of cover for earthquake damage optional in any plan

Residential Construction-Installation Insurance

It covers the construction, renovation, extension, modernization of residential houses, detached houses, small business premises.  It also extends to buildings, pending and built-in building accessories, electrical and mechanical engineering, and work equipment. We also offer the product to those whose financier requires insurance for the duration of the construction as a prerequisite of the disbursement of the loan.

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No longer distributed products
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