Government securities and shares

Would you invest your savings in low-risk investments for a fixed period


The range of retail government securities may be an ideal choice, since:

  • the State guarantees the repayment of the principal and interest payment at the end of the term;
  • it is a form of investment exempt from the interest tax;
  • the rate or calculation method of the interest is known in advance;
  • it is available for different terms.


Choose the One-year Hungarian Government Security if you want to invest in the short term (one year).

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Get to know the Hungarian Government Security Plus if you look for a long-term (five years) solution where you know in advance the interest you will receive over the entire term.

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If you look for a medium-term (three or five years) investment, then Premium Hungarian Government Security might be interesting for you.

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If, for the sake of higher yields, you prefer riskier investments, please consider investing in shares. With the assistance of our expert colleagues, you can choose which corporations are worth investing in.

Who are share investments for? For those who:

  • seek higher yields;
  • think in long-term investments;
  • would supplement their investment portfolio with riskier products which, at the same time, have higher yield potential,
  • are not afraid of the attendant price fluctuations of the share markets.

Important to know before you invest your savings in shares:

  • share prices react to market changes sensitively, therefore, in the period of the investment, prices may fluctuate significantly.

How can you purchase shares at UniCredit Bank?

  • If you are not our client yet, you can open a securities account at our nationwide branch network, then you can give orders in respect of the shares traded on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE).
  • If you are our client already and have a securities account, you can give orders for shares either through our nationwide branch network or through our Phone Banking service or the SpectraNet internet bank. If you are open to choose riskier forms of investment that offer higher yields, please ask for the help of our expert advisors in respect of share orders.

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we wish to inform you that you can also check the data of your securities account and/or client account on the website of the Central Bank of Hungary too.  For further details please check out our webpage.

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