Information about the repayment moratorium

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According to applicable laws, the payment moratorium will continue automatically and with unchanged terms until 30 September 2021 to clients who already have loans disbursed until that date under contracts existing on 18 March 2020. These are regulated by Act CVII of 2020 on transitional measures for the stabilization of the situation of certain priority social groups and enterprises in financial difficulty and Government Decree 637/2020 (XII. 22.) on the introduction of special emergency rules for the moratorium on loan payments.

Clients covered by the moratorium on 31 December 2020 will automatically be entitled to step into the second phase from 1 January 2021, this means that there is no need to apply for moratorium separately or confirm one’s eligibility.

However, debtors who did not avail themselves of the payment moratorium in December 2020, i.e. have previously opted out of it, but wish to use it in 2021, must notify their bank in writing, by post or via the bank’s standard electronic channel. The same applies to those whose last repayment instalment of 2020 was due before December, provided that they did not avail themselves of payment moratorium on such due date by previously opting out of it, but wish to avail themselves of it in 2021.

Please note that private individual clients do not need to submit proof of belonging to priority social groups in this case either.


Information for private individuals

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Overdue debts and the moratorium


Information for corporate clients


The payment moratorium will continue only to loans disbursed under credit agreements that were concluded and disbursed until 18 March 2020 and are still in force.

The loan payment moratorium has no impact on the right of companies under moratorium to perform their obligations according to the original terms and conditions; accordingly, you may still unilaterally declare your intention to opt out of the moratorium.

You can withdraw your unilateral opt-out declaration at any time until 30 September 2021, thereby opting back into the moratorium. Withdrawal of your declaration can be done by free-form mail by post or via the Internet banking system.

Modification of the payment dates of loan agreements under moratorium also modifies the ancillary and non-ancillary collaterals securing the loan agreement under the Hungarian laws (such as the contract of pledge, suretyship contract, guaranty contract, declaration of guaranty), regardless of whether the ancillary obligation has been executed as a contract or as a unilateral juridical act by the parties. Notarial deeds are not required to be modified.

If you have any questions about the moratorium, please reach out to your referent person.

We are updating our notices with the latest and most important information to know about the payment moratorium on a regular basis.

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25 June 2021

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