Take a picture together with the UEFA Champions League Trophy!

#UCLTrophyTour presented by UniCredit is on its way again, don’t miss it! Football’s most prestigious cup will arrive to Debrecen on the 25th of October, and will visit Budapest on the 29th of October. Skip standing in line and register for a FastPass entry on the website.

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Are you happy with our Bank? Please, share your experience and recommend our bank to your friends and acquaintances. We will reward you for the successfull recommendation with a Fuel Voucher, and new customers will receive a discount, too.

What shall you do? Recommend UniCredit Bank to your friends and acquaintances, and fulfill the conditions of the promotion!

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This information is not comprehensive. This customer recommendation special offer is valid until withdrawal but until 31 December 2016 at the latest. Account packages and contractual terms can be read in the relevant General Business Conditions, about the conditions of the special offer in the UniCredit Bank Hungary’s document titled “I recommend a customer’ account opening promotion.

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MasterCard contactless card promotion

With your contactless debit card you can win high value Apple prizes! Use your UniCredit MasterCard® contactless debit card for purchases as often as possible between 17th October and 15th November 2016. Use the contactless function for payment and you may be one of the lucky winners and get an Apple product. In the promotion the number of successfully recorded contactless transactions and valid statement regarding marketing enquiries will be taken into account.

The participation is subject to further conditions. These and further details are available on our website. Click for further details!

This information is not comprehensive. Detailed terms and conditions are included in the Terms and conditions of participation document. Private individuals meeting the criteria set in the Terms and Conditions of Participation but not wishing to participate in the Promotion may waive participation at jatek-leiratkozas@unicreditgroup.hu

Steady parts of my life.

Fix account package

You always need to have steady things in your life in the constantly changing world. Fix account package was developed to provide you with the most important services for your convenience and you can be sure that you don’t have to pay any additional charges for them. This way you can easily find out the initial costs.

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The information is not comprehensive and does not constitute a contractual offer. The detailed description of the products and deposit agreement is included in the announcements, list of conditions and general terms and conditions of the bank.

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UniCredit Mobil app

Meet our UniCredit Mobile application for smartphones and tablets, with which you can get access to your account(s) anytime, anywhere.

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Everyone’s life is driven by personal goals and plans. The purchase of a new home, the completion of a long-desired renovation, or even an exciting journey are all considerable undertakings. Such undertakings benefit from your ability to rely on your own resources as well as on the financial assistance of a reliable partner.

Housing mortgage
Create a real home for yourself
Free purpose loan
Get on with your plans
Have your debts in one hand
Credit cards
If you need a little extra money


Everyone lives their daily life to a different rhythm, and our needs are also different in terms of finances. One thing is certain: to manage your basic finances, you need a bank that offers a wide range of products and services to meet your requirements.

Bank accounts
Everyday finances
Bank cards
A useful accessory in your everyday life
Online application
Design your own Fix account package
Electronic services
Near and far, day and night
Premium Banking
Premium services for premium needs


In today’s world, the feeling of real financial security depends on your ability to set aside some savings each month in order to achieve a goal you have set or finance an unexpected expense later.

Promotional deposits
Premium savings opportunities
Investment funds
Diverse opportunities for different terms
Government bonds and equities
Diverse opportunities for your savings
Saving programs
Keep your future in mind


No one knows what the future will bring. An unforeseen situation will occur when you least expect it. You also need to consider what you cannot anticipate.

Insurances for savings
Provide for your future
Insurances for credits
Support in difficult times
Insurances for everyday use
Security in daily life
Health insurance
Nothing is more important than health

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