mCash: Cash withdrawal without a bank card

UniCredit Bank’s Mobile application offers mCash, a new feature, unique in Hungary, for withdrawing cash without using a bank card from any UniCredit ATM in this country.

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The new eBanking will be made available in several phases for our individual clients. Get to know our new internet bank!

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Through our fee reimbursement promotion, in July and August you can withdraw cash free of charge using your MasterCard debit card at almost 13,000 UniCredit ATMs in 13 countries.

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Mobile application

Access to your account anytime, anywhere with a smartphone.

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Mobile application

Learn more about the new functions of our UniCredit Mobile banking application. You can activate the application using your Internet Banking credentials.


Internet Banking

Access your bank account or launch transactions in your home, on the road or from abroad. You can do this quickly and safely with the Internet Banking service.


mobile Token

A softwer-based code generator available via the UniCredit Mobile application, which generates authorization codes for Internet Banking transactions.




Planned technical development

19 March 2019

Due to maintenance work and technical development of our systems the access to our electronic services may be limited or not available on 19th March (Tuesday) from 08:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Further details are available here.


Cash withdrawal without a bank card, using the UniCredit Mobile application

12 February 2019


Order fulfillment 15 March 2019

6 March 2019


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You can access your finances all day with our Internet Banking and Mobile application.