Origó entrepreneur HUF account package


Origó HUF account package is provided exclusively to new small buisness customers with an annual turnover up to 100 M Ft. A customer is considered a new customer, who did not have an account of the bank in the six months preceding the account opening.

We know that the incorporation and start of a business entail several expenses, so it is advisable to open a current account with advantageous conditions. Furthermore, every small startup enterprise needs a reliable financial partner. UniCredit Bank aims for a long term relationship with entrepreneurs. As your business develops and expands and your needs change, you will have the possibility to find the UniCredit Bank account package and the benefits that suit your business the most.

Low transaction fees Discounted cashier's commissions, favourable monthly account closing fee One free Corporate Maestro debit card
What kind of businesses is the Origó account package for?
What does the Origó business account package offer?
What else might you need to manage your company’s business?


This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. Further detailed terms can be found in the above lists of conditions and in the General Business Terms.


1 As part of a promotion until revoked.

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