I am a

Annual turnover of my company is .
My business operates for .
Monthly debit turnover of my company is .
I have of foreign currency transfer in a month.

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      *up to 1000 pieces of notes

      **If the extent of the debit transactions generated on the HUF payment account in the given calendar month reached any of the specified levels, the Bank shall credit the relevant fee discount in one amount within 5 banking days after the end of the given calendar month.

      ***Promotional offer

      Monthly account turnover (HUF)   Monthly account management fee (HUF)

      0 – 1.000.000                                        4 500    

      1.000.001 - 5.000.000                           8 500

      5.000.001 - 10.000.000                        14 000

      10.000.001 - 20.000.000                      25 000

      20.000.001 – 60.000.000                     49 000

      ***** In case of foreign currency accounts, the fee for EUR and SEPA credit transfers within the EEA

      The promotional/preferential fees and charges stated herein are applied as the fees and charges of the account packages for which the Bank offers promotional and conditional discounts. Please read the List of Conditions for small corporate clients on promotional and preferential fees and charges and their terms and conditions as well as their ordinary rates without any discount in order to be able to make an informed decision. The special offers are valid until withdrawn.
      Calculation method for the monthly account handling fee of the account packages: 0.01% of the monthly credit and debit entries, minimum the indicated amount. As a special offer the Bank will not charge the minimum amount indicated above. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn.
      The detailed terms and conditions of the account packages are included in the payment account agreement, the List of Conditions and announcements of UniCredit Bank for small corporate clients and the General Business Conditions and the Business Regulations for Corporate and Municipality Clients.
      The calculation was made pursuant to the currently effective Terms and Conditions. This information is not an offer as defined in the Civil Code. The data included herein are for information purposes only and have been selected on the basis of the general account usage indicated by you as well as the account packages and conditions of the effective Terms and Conditions of UniCredit Bank for small corporate clients. UniCredit Bank reserves the right to change its terms and conditions.
      Please note that if your decide to switch your UniCredit account package you will be charged an account package switch fee at the rate indicated in the applicable List of Terms and Conditions.

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