Account packages for small businesses


General entrepreneur account packages

Choose the account package that suits your company's needs and turnover! As your company develops, expands, and your needs change, you have the opportunity to find the most suitable UniCredit Bank account package for your business. Become a long-term partner of UniCredit!

Origó account package Flexi Business account package

We know that the incorporation and start of a business entail several expenses, so it is advisable to open a current account with advantageous conditions. Origó HUF account package is provided exclusively to new small business customers or customers with an annual turnover up to HUF 100 million.

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Flexi Business's account maintenance fee is adjusted to your account turnover, it doesn't matter seasonality, it doesn't matter if you transfer inside or outside the bank (in case of domestic electronic HUF transfers).

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Exclusive Silver account package A la carte account package

The monthly fee for the Exclusive Silver account package is fixed, but the more times and amounts you transfer from your account, the more transaction fees will decrease.

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Our A la carte HUF account package is for businesses with an annual turnover over of HUF 100 million, in which you can choose the 2 discounted service which suits your business the most.

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Professional account packages

From our professional account packages, choose an account package that meets the needs and turnover of your company!

Patika account package

The Patika account package has been developed specifically with the financial needs of pharmacies.

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Praxis account package Paragrafus account package

The Praxis entrepreneurial account package meets the financial needs of our healthcare clients.

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Our Paragrafus account package is designed specifically for notaries, lawyers and bailiffs.

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Társasház (Condominium) and Non-profit account packages

Társasház (Condominium) account package Non-profit account packages

The Társasház (Condominium) account package meets the needs of condominiums and housing associations.

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We recommend this account package to non-profit organizations.

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Aktív FX account package

With the help of the fixed and favourable fees of the Aktív FX (Foreign Exchange Active) account package, you can calculate in advance the expected monthly foreign exchange transaction costs of your business.

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