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Please be informed that the Government Decree no. 47/2020 (III.18.), effective as of 19 March 2020, brought about significant changes in the repayment of existing loans and the pricing of certain new ones. The detailed regulations of the loan moratorium is regulated by the Government Decree no. 62/2020 (III.24.), effective as of 25 March 2020.

Nonetheless, we immediately commenced work to comply with the new government decree (as well as subsequently necessary and expected legislation) for both the relevant loans and repayments. We are currently working on this, and we would like to ask for your patience until we develop and introduce the new terms and conditions complying with the new regulations.

We will notify our clients about the details of the repayment moratorium, essential information and what they need to do on this page which we keep constantly updated.


UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.

Széchenyi Card

A flexible loan for your business. You can resolve your business financing problems quickly and flexibly with a Széchenyi Card. This overdraft facility, with a preferential interest rate and state subsidy, is a fixed amount, available to your business for a year without any limitation.

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Előremutató overdraft facility

UniCredit Bank’s Előremutató overdraft facility is a fast and flexible solution to manage any financing difficulty encountered by your enterprise. It provides a HUF or an EUR credit line for a one year commitment period, which can be prolonged two times with additional one-year periods (upon your request, based on the Bank’s approval). It can be used freely and is topped up automatically. The amount of credit can reach up to 20% of the annual turnover of the enterprise.

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Praxis overdraft facility

The Praxis overdraft facility is a quick and flexible solution to any temporary financing problem of general practitioners (GPs), paediatricians and dentists. We shall assess your application within 5 working days if you have submitted all the required documents.

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Patika overdraft facility

The Patika overdraft facility is a quick and flexible solution to any temporary financing problem of pharmacies. You do not need to provide any tangible collateral and your maximum credit facility can be 100% of your average monthly revenues from OEP (National Health Insurance Fund).

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Small business overdraft secured by mortgage

The small business overdraft can help you flexibly overcome your temporary financing difficulties. Your company can obtain a short-term overdraft fast and easily, if you apply to UniCredit Bank for it with private or commercial property mortgage. All you have to do is to send all the documents needed for the loan assessment to our Bank’s representatives.

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