Instant Payment System


The payment service enables transfers eligible for instant payment to be executed in just a few seconds, on any day of the year, any time of day. This means that transfers initiated over the weekend or after banking hours will also be executed instantly.



What transfers are eligible for instant payment?
How is instant payment initiated?
What should I know about secondary identifiers?



This is how you can register your secondary identifier in the [UniCredit Mobile Bank]:
What are secondary identifiers?
This is how you can register your secondary identifier in [UniCredit eBanking]:
This is how you can use a secondary identifier for transaction in [UniCredit eBanking]:
Instant payment fees
How instant payment affects loan repayment



How am I notified of the status of instant transfers? (Delivered, Fulfilled, Failed)
What is the cost of instant transfers?
How are bank account statements prepared in respect of weekends or bank holidays? Is a separate statement prepared for each day or are the items for bank holidays shown on a single statement with the value dates indicated?
How does the cut-off-times for electronically submitted items change in the case of instant and intraday (IG2) transfers?
At what time does the bank execute transfers with pre-specified value dates?
At what time are cash pool transfers and re-transfers executed?
Will the Spectra/SpectraNet import and export formats change on account of instant transfers?
As per the current system, we transfer in batches. Is there any option for the bank to separate the batch into individual items and for items under HUF 10 million to be executed as instant transfers?
Will the queuing mechanism change?
Will Real-Time Gross Settlement System transfers under HUF 10 million also be executed as instant payments?
Does UniCredit provide request-to-pay sending/receipt service?



Where can I find additional information on instant payment?


You can find additional details on this website:

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