Business Travel Insurance


Business Travel Insurance is a fixed-day travel insurance available for private entrepreneurs and legal entities – including companies –, covering a fixed period of least 100 days. The fixed-day travel insurance product is recommended for those who frequently travel abroad for the purposes of intellectual or physical work, and look for a convenient solution to insure their trips or prefer to have a single insurance instead of buying personal travel insurances for each individual trip.

What makes our Business Travel Insurance the best choice for you?


  • Simple and fast contracting process.
  • Low insurance premium, comprehensive protection.
  • You do not need to provide the details of those insured upon contract conclusion; it is enough to supply the names of the travellers just before the trip.
  • It is a convenient solution: data related to the trip (Insured’s name and date of birth, purpose of the trip, first and last day of the trip) must be e-mailed to the Insurer before the trip for risk inception to commence.
  • The Business Travel Insurance covers persons below 70 years of age.
  • You can choose from 2 insurance packages (Optimum and Premium), which differ from each other in respect of services and premiums.
  • This insurance offers a worldwide coverage (except for the regions not recommended for travel by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

For more information on the Business Travel Insurance, please read the General Terms and Conditions and Customer Information for Business Travel Insurance of UniCredit.

Please remember:


The Business Travel insurance is not valid in non-recommended destinations. Before e-mailing us the data related to the trip, please make sure that your travel insurance covers the territory of your destination!

The Business Travel Insurance covers coronavirus-related emergency care abroad up to the limit of the insurance package. 


Should you need any assistance abroad, please call Allianz Travel Assistance at + 36 (1) 237 2333, available 24/7.



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