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Investment loan


We offer multiple financing solutions to develop, improve your company.

NBH Funding For Growth Scheme Phase 2

You could benefit from the opportunities available under the Funding for Growth Scheme when you use financing for an investment, working capital, or prefinincing EU subsidy. As UniCredit Bank also takes part in phase 2 of the NBH Scheme, it can offer micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural producers favourable short and long-term financing with no more than 2.5% interest rate p.a., fixed for the entire term of the loan.

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Széchenyi Investment Loan

Choose Széchenyi Investment Loan if you want to accomplish your development plans, expand your site, construct a factory floor or upgrade your machinery. Use this loan under favourable conditions, a preferential interest rate and with a state subsidy to invest and develop your business and increase your competitiveness.

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MFB Business Financing Program 2020

You should choose the Business Financing Program 2020 if you wish to develop your business, or plan an innovation or a health or environmental project or simply need more staff. With the help of the programme run by the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB), our Bank provides long-term financing to its clients in forint, with preferential interest rates.

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Condominium Loans

Use our Condominium loan to refurbish and modernise your Condominium, whether involving reconstructing of the facade of your building, upgrading your heating system or replacing your doors and windows. With a state interest subsidy, our proposal contains favourable terms and conditions for your reconstruction plans. In addition, by using housing savings, you are also eligible for further state subsidy.

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Széchenyi Own Funds Supplement Loan

Use a Széchenyi Own Funds Supplement Loan to finance the aid necessary for EU support and fund the portion above your own financial resources in a project. If you apply for EU support for any development or investment in your company and need financing for your own funds then our favourable, state-subsidised loan has been designed for you.

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Széchenyi Support Bridging Loan

Your company can have quicker access to EU funds with a Széchenyi Support Bridging Loan. Use this state subsidised loan to launch an investment projected under favourable conditions and buy the property, machinery or other equipment you need before the actual EU support is available.

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