Flexi Business HUF account package

In the life of all businesses, there comes a point in time when, besides developing the work processes, they need to rationalize their finances as well. Our Flexi Business account package offers a solution for that.


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The account management fee is allocated to the turnover levels on the extent of the debit transactions, which contains:

  • HUF transfer fees within and outside of the Bank through electronic banking for free
  • Mastercard® Business or VISA Business bankcards with 50%  issuer fee discount
  • free of charge SpectraNet Light monthly service fee
Monthly debit turnover levels and assigned fees
Monthly account turnover (HUF)

Monthly account management fee (HUF)

0 – 1.000.000

4 500

1.000.001 - 5.000.000

8 500

5.000.001 - 10.000.000

14 000

10.000.001 - 20.000.000

25 000

20.000.001 – 60.000.000

49 000



What kind of businesses is the Flexi Business account package for?

For companies with a sales revenue of maximum HUF 700 million and not have been our client for at least 12 months before the account opening.
The account package is recommended for enterprises as new clients, would use the account actively, and would like to rationalize their finances, and try and exploit new potentials in account management.

What else might you need to manage your company’s business?

Would you like to manage the finances of your business using a debit card?

Apply for a Mastercard® Business or VISA Business card with a discounted fee with the Flexi Business account package.

Read more about our bank cards and the corresponding services here.


Would you like to accept your clients' bankcards?

Make paying by bank card possible for your customers through a POS terminal.

Get to know our POS service!

Do you have an Internet store, or would you like your business to be present on a virtual platform as well?

If you want to offer your customers a modern and quick way of paying, then the virtual POS which  enables you to accept bankcards through the Internet is for you! Click here for further information.

This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. Further detailed terms can be found in the above lists of conditions and in the General Business Terms.

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