Conditions for orders
  • Range of shares: You can give sales orders for shares traded on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) through our branch network.
  • Commissions, provision of coverage:
    You can give sales orders for shares besides the commissions defined in the current List of Conditions. For share purchases, the amount of the purchase price has to be made available on the client’s account (which can be even a current account with a full value), while, for sales, the shares intended to be sold have to kept in the securities account as collateral. The commission for the transaction is paid from the amount received from the sales.
  • Deadlines for orders:
    Sales orders for the shares can be given at any time during the opening hours of the branches. If you submit your order by 5.00 p.m. or, in the case of branches that close earlier, before the branch closes, the transaction may be fulfilled on the same day if the stock exchange quotations are favourable. The branches that are open after 5.00 p.m. will attempt to include the orders given after 5.00 p.m. in the broker list for the given day but the order is very likely to be fulfilled on the following day only, since the stock exchange is open until 5.10 p.m.
  • Trading orders with limit prices: You should give your trading orders by specifying a so-called limit price. The limit price you specified will ensure that, in the event of a purchase, your order will be fulfilled at maximum of this price level but it will not be fulfilled above the limit.  The desired securities may be purchased below the limit price. For a sale, the order may not be fulfilled below the limit price, only above it. It is an important condition for the actual fulfillment of the order that the deal should be struck at the stock exchange at the given sales price level (limit price).
  • Stop-Limit orders: The Stop-Limit offer is a conditional offer, which will automatically become an active limit price offer without the intervention of the bidder if a deal was or is struck on the given stock exchange day at the activation price given in the offer in the last deal preceding the offer or after the offer is made (or, for a purchase offer, at a lower price and in the case of sales, at a higher price) excluding the deals struck from the FIX offer. The activated Stop-Limit purchase offer can be fulfilled at maximum at the specified limit price, while the Stop-Limit sales offer can be fulfilled at least at the specified limit price. 
  • Intraday orders: Our clients who would like to reinvest their share investments as soon as possible don’t have to wait with their new orders for the mandatory T+2 days. The stock exchange orders fulfilled on the date when the order was submitted may serve as collateral for new purchase or sales orders, even for the same day. Despite the fact that the share/money will only be credited to the client’s account on T+2 days, the computerised system will immediately indicate the fulfillment upon the allocation and new orders can be issued afterwards.  IMPORTANT! No sales orders can be issued through the SpectraNet service within T+2 days after sales, while it can be done in both directions through the Phone Banking service (purchase/sales)! Example:
    • sales from purchase: You can give a purchase order at 10 a.m., for example, for MOL shares, which may be fulfilled in a few minutes if there are favourable quotations. After the allocation, you can give sales orders even during the same day for the MOL shares you purchased in the morning.  
    • Purchase from sales: you have the opportunity to submit a sales order, for example, for MTELEKOM shares in the morning and from the sales of these you can submit purchase orders for any shares during the same day. It is important that the client should have actual money/securities coverage in both cases.
  • Day-trade orders: The day-trade order is a transaction where a reverse deal is struck on the same day for the whole quantity of the shares purchased/sold on the given day. It differs from intraday orders in that the commission payable for the reverse (second) transaction will be fully cancelled as a promotion. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn. Only orders submitted through our Phone Banking service  on +36 1/20/30/70  325 3200 will be exempt from the commission payment. 
  • Modification, withdrawal of orders: Naturally, previously submitted orders can be withdrawn or modified, even during the same day.
  • Transfer: You can transfer shares registered at another bank or investment service provider to our bank. If securities issued in Hungary are transferred to a securities account held at UniCredit Bank, you have to specify the following account number: KELER 0006/M00000. In the comment section, please indicate the number of your own securities account held at UniCredit Bank. If you wish to transfer shares to us and wish to place them on the tax capital account, you need to attach one of the following two documents to the transfer order:
    • the official certificate of the sending bank or the investment service provider for the cost of shares (time and price of the acquisition);
    • the certificate for the subscription settlement issued by the sending bank or the investment service provider.                                            
Some operational features of the stock exchange
  • Stock exchange settlement: If the order given by the client is fulfilled, the given share (or the consideration for it, in the case of selling) will be available on the client’s account on the 2nd banking day after the date of fulfillment (T-day). The reason for this 2-day delay is that KELER Zrt., as the statutory mandatory mediator, has to settle stock exchange transactions over 2 banking days i.e. it credits the bank’s account at KELER on the T+2nd day.
  • Partial fulfillment: Since it is not necessary that the right number of deals are struck at the given limit price, partial fulfillment may therefore also take place. It means that (in line with market demand-supply) deals are only struck for a portion of the quantity included in the order, which has to be taken into account upon the submission of the order.
  • Matching deals: Deals may have been struck at the stock exchange at the given limit price but the share has not been sold/purchased despite this fact. Most frequently, it is due to the features of the operation of the deal matching system or perhaps due to self-deals.


Familiarise yourself with the official announcements related to shares.

In addition, please also check the investment guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Purchase of shares at UniCredit Bank
  • If you are not our client yet or do not have a securities account, our consultants it our nationwide branch network will be happy to help you.
  • If you have a UniCredit securities account, you can give us an order through our Phone Banking service or your consultant.

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