An overdraft facility provides flexible assistance for the daily management of your finances, since you can settle your accounts even in the event of unexpected expenses. If you want to take advantage of a promotional offer or a travel opportunity, or an unforseen expense has arisen, the bank will automatically fulfill your payment orders up to the amount of the credit line opened in connection with your current account. Through the credit line, provided based on an individual loan assessment, you can bridge your temporary financial difficulties simply and economically. APR1: 21.81%.

A representative example: When applying for an overdraft facility of HUF 375 000, with a term of 1 year, the standard interest rate is 19.89%, variable.  This calculation was prepared assuming that the total credit line will be withdrawn immediately and the crediting defined during the term will be completed, then the portion available from the credit line will be withdrawn each time, the APR is 21.81%. Amount of instalment: HUF 6 2216 which is the monthly interest rate calculated for the utilisation of the total credit line. For a loan contracted according to the conditions given herein, the total amount repayable by the client is HUF 449 588; the total cost of the loan is HUF 74 588, which not includes other fee beside interest rate.

The condition for opening the credit line is to direct your income to a UniCredit current account and to maintain a UniCredit current account.

What can you accomplish with the overdraft facility?

The UniCredit overdraft facility, which is connected to your bank account, can be a real gold reserve because with this

  • you can freely make purchases or withdraw cash up to the amount of the credit line and you can easily access the amount with your bankcard;
  • your credit repayment and transfer-collection orders can be fulfilled up to the amount of the credit line, even if you do not have sufficient coverage for this on your account.

If you wish to continue to manage your finances at UniCredit Bank and you need an overdraft facility equalling your current credit line at another bank, you can apply for a credit line with the same amount as your overdraft facility at another bank. Our staff at our branches or via the +36 1 325 3200 phone number will be glad to inform you of the conditions for application, as well as the required documents. 

What are the main features of the overdraft facility?

  • Amount of the credit limit: min. HUF 50,000; the available limit is specified based on the loan assessment; it can be a maximum 250% of the regular monthly account credit/income.
  • Interest is only charged on the amount used; the rate is 19.91%; APR1: 22.87%
  • Handling fee: HUF 2,900 p.a.2
  • Commitment fee: 0%.
  • Term: 1 year, which can be extended automatically by an additional year.
  • The credit line is automatically topped up from the monthly income credited to the bank account, then it can be used over and over again3.

What discounts are offered in relation to our overdraft facility?

If you use your account actively2, the handling fee for the overdraft facility is HUF 0 for the first year. The condition for participating in the promotion, which lasts until withdrawal, is that an income of a minimum 25 percent of the approved credit line should be credited to the bank account connected to the credit line, for a period of 12 months following being granted the service.

What are the terms and conditions to apply?

  • You must be a resident private individual.
  • You have a regular and certified net monthly income which is not less than the currently effective net minimum wage.
  • You have had an active retail bank account at any Hungarian bank for at least 2 months.
  • You have been in employment for 6 months at a maximum of one workplace, where you have completed your trial period, or you are a pensioner, or you are a pensioner, entrepreneur, company owner.
  • You are aged at least 18.
  • You have a landline or a mobile phone in your name (not a work phone).

Decide responsibly on taking out a loan!

The Responsible Lending and Banking Terms and Definitions may help you become more knowledgeable on contracting a loan, while at the website of the Hungarian National Bank’s Financial Customer Protection Centre in Hungarian you can find product descriptions that help you make responsible decisions, as well as applications that help you make comparisons. Please make a responsible and prudent decision with respect to taking out a loan, taking your income into account.

What we also offer in addition to our overdraft facility....

Credit cards provide a freely plannable and flexible payment opportunity within and outside the country. APR4: 36,20%-37,54%


Choose a UniCredit account for your everyday finances

You can reduce the monthly account management fee of numerous accounts if your income is credited to a UniCredit bank account. Contact our colleagues at any of our branches; they can help you to choose the bank account that best suits your needs. Use our website to calculate which bank account best suits your needs. Count on us!

The information is not comprehensive and this advertisement does not qualify as a contractual offer. The loan conditions are outlined in UniCredit Bank’s List of Conditions for private individuals and the bank’s Announcement on the conditions for loans extended to private individuals. The bank reserves the right to amend conditions. The bank’s decision relating to granting a loan shall be made in accordance with the conditions outlined in its Retail Business Regulations, List of Conditions and Announcement, based on its loan assessment.


1 The APR has been defined in the light of the current conditions and the effective legal provisions. The APR can be modified in the event of changes in the conditions; the APR does not reflect the interest rate risk of loans with variable interest rates. The prerequisite for receiving a loan is having an account held with UniCredit Bank. The APR has been calculated with the use of a Loan bank account.

2 The details and the valid conditions are included in the Announcement for Loans not Secured by a Property. The current standard amount of the handling costs is 1 percent of the credit line, minimum HUF 2,900. As a special offer the bank will not charge any amount exceeding the minimum amount indicated above. The discount is valid until withdrawn.

3 The condition of the use and maintenance of the overdraft facility is that your regular monthly income, a minimum 25 percent of the credit line, minimum HUF 50,000 should arrive on your UniCredit bank account each month. The credits received on the account will automatically reduce the amount of the used credit line. With the help of our staff, you can simply arrange the redirection of your income to a UniCredit account, if necessary.

4 The APR has been determined in consideration of the current conditions and the prevailing legal provisions, and may be modified in the event of any changes in interest rates.

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