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Apply for a Bónusz account package and reduce your monthly account handling fee with refunds and save more money with the available discounts and free of charge services in your daily banking.


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Preferential services included in the Bónusz account package: (2)
Also apply for a bank card for your account package at a preferential rate.
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The information is not comprehensive and is not a contractual offer. The detailed description of the account and deposit agreement, products and services are included in the announcements and list of conditions of UniCredit Bank for Private Customers, the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the General Business Conditions for Private Customers and the Bank Card Terms and Conditions. The bank reserves the right to amend the conditions.

1 The monthly account handling fee of Bónusz account is HUF 1,125/month/account. The monthly account handling fee will be debited to the bank account for the current month and HUF 562 will be credited in the subsequent month when there was a transfer of at least HUF 75,000 to the account (transfers between own accounts are not included in the credits). If the condition of credit is not fulfilled, a partial amount of the closing fee will not be credited to you. This promotional offer for credits is valid until withdrawn.

2 The standard fee for bank card purchases is 0.3% or no more than HUF 6,000, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. The one-off fee for joining Internet Banking and Mobile Banking is HUF 2,000 each, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. All promotional offers are valid until withdrawn.

3 The standard issuer fee for a Mastercard Standard and Visa Classic bank card is HUF 5,016. The bank will charge the preferential fees instead of the standard fees as a special offer. This promotion applies only to one primary card at a preferential issuer fee and is valid until withdrawn.

4 Calculation of charges: the standard fee is 0.2% of the deposit, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn.

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