With the use of our service, you can deposit cash to your HUF account held with UniCredit Bank through ATMs located throughout Hungary.

The amount deposited through our ATMs is instantly available on your account, and you have free access to it for bank card purchases or cash withdrawals, as well as to make transfers and or term deposits.    

To use the service, you need an active Mastercard, Maestro or VISA debit card issued by UniCredit Bank, and a HUF bank account linked to it.

What are the advantages of depositing cash through ATMs? 

  • You can deposit the cash to your bank account at any time, even outside banking hours.  
  • No more standing in line at the bank teller.  
  • No more filling out deposit slips.   
  • Flexible access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day1.   
  • The deposited amount is immediately available on your current account.     
  • Free of charge2.   
  • No need to use envelopes, you can just insert the bank notes directly into the ATM.
How does it work? Only 5 simple steps!

Kártya behelyezéseInserting the card

After inserting your UniCredit bank card, selecting the language, and entering your PIN, choose the “Cash deposit” menu item.

Pénz befizetéseDepositing the cash

When the cash dispenser slot opens, insert the bank notes.

Important information: 

  • Please insert only Hungarian bank notes into the ATM; do not insert coins.   
  • You can deposit a maximum of 50 bank notes at the same time.   
  • Insert the bank notes unfolded, lengthwise into the ATM.   
  • You do not need to sort the bank notes, nor put them in order according to denomination.   
  • Do not insert torn, taped or folded bank notes.   
  • Do not insert any other type, non-monetary paper (e.g. newspaper) or envelopes.  
  • Please be sure that there are no paper clips or any type of binding on the bank notes.

The ATM will return notes that are folded or stuck together so that you can check them. After that you may initiate a new deposit with the unfolded notes.
After insertion, the ATM will scan the bank notes and process them according to denomination. All of which will only take a few seconds. The total amount of the inserted and accepted bank notes will subsequently be displayed on the screen.


If the displayed amount of the deposited cash is accurate, please approve the transaction to continue. Alternatively, you can also cancel the transaction at this time. In this case, the machine will return your bank card and the inserted money.



After approval, the deposit transaction will be processed and the approved amount will immediately become available on the primary HUF account associated with your bank card.

Unsuccessful transaction: it may occur that the ATM is unable to identify a suspected counterfeit bank note. In this case, the ATM will return your bank card and retain the suspected counterfeit bank note of which it prints a receipt.
The bank notes will be inspected by UniCredit Bank, and the bank notes identified by our bank as suspected counterfeit will be inspected by the National Bank of Hungary. The Account Holder will be notified of inspection results in written.
The value of the bank notes erroneously identified as counterfeit will be credited to your account, while – similarly to deposits through branch tellers – fraudulent and counterfeited bank notes will not be remunerate.


Bizonylat nyomtatásaReceipt printing

In case of a successful cash deposit transaction, you will receive a confirmation receipt with the transaction details including the value of the deposited bank notes and the balance available at the time increased by the deposit.


Where to find Cash Deposit ATMs


This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer. Our detailed terms are set out in our Bank Card Business Regulations and in our Lists of Conditions for Bank Cards.


1 In accordance with the provisions set out in our General Terms and Conditions, the bank reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of maintenance, internal error, etc.

2 Calculation of charges: the normal fee is 0.2% of the deposit, which will not be charged by the Bank as a special offer. This special offer is valid until withdrawal.

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