Promotional 5.00% p.a deposit interest (EAR: 5.11%)


Earn a higher interest for the first interest period with our promotional, 2-month rollover fixed deposit from 8 May until the promotion is withdrawn.
To earn 5.00% interest, (0.10% promotional interest and EAR + 4.90% interest premium; full EAR: 5.11%) you need to fulfill the following conditions:


  • minimum HUF 200,000, maximum HUF 5 million term deposit can be placed,
  • available for new customers opening a Partner account package, whose employer entered into a cooperation agreement with the Bank1,
  • applies only to funds of extra-bank origin,at least HUF 400,000 salary income must be credited to the account at least once during the first deposit period, transferred from the account kept by the customer’s employer.


The deposit may be fixed and accounts can be opened in the UniCredit national branch network.

This is how you can benefit from the promotional deposit offer!
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1 A new customer is a customer who did not have a bank account agreement with the Bank in the 6 months prior to opening the account.

This information is not comprehensive; for additional details see the Bank’s Promotional Deposit Announcement and the List of Conditions for Private Individuals. For the detailed terms of deposit contracts see the General Business Terms and Conditions.



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