Promotional 5.00% p.a deposit interest (EAR: 5.11%)


Earn a higher interest for the first interest period with our promotional, 2-month rollover fixed deposit from 8 May until the promotion is withdrawn.
To earn 5.00% interest, (0.10% promotional interest and EAR + 4.90% interest premium; full EAR: 5.11%) you need to fulfill the following conditions:


  • minimum HUF 200,000, maximum HUF 5 million term deposit can be placed,
  • available for new customers opening a Partner account package, whose employer entered into a cooperation agreement with the Bank1,
  • applies only to funds of extra-bank origin,at least HUF 400,000 salary income must be credited to the account at least once during the first deposit period, transferred from the account kept by the customer’s employer.


The deposit may be fixed and accounts can be opened in the UniCredit national branch network.

This is how you can benefit from the promotional deposit offer!

1.Open a UniCredit Partner bank account

Our Partner packages are offered to employees whose employer has previously entered into a cooperation agreement with our Bank for partner services. Those retail customers who registered on the electronic portal offered by our Bank with their application for an account package or who express in person that request during consultation hours provided by the Bank, or in the Bank’s branch network and certify their eligibility for opening an account with an employer certificate completed and duly signed by their employer are eligible for partner account packages.

Employer’s Certificate for Partner Packages


2.Deposit the amount to be fixed in your account

The minimum amount to be deposited is HUF 200,000, while the maximum is HUF 5,000,000. which must be credited on the account from an extra-bank source during the promotional period.


3. Ask for your salary to be transferred into your UniCredit account

The transfer of at least HUF 400,000 of income into your account at least once, no later than two working days prior to the expiry date of the first deposit period is a pre-requisite of crediting the interest premium.

UniCredit Partner preferences

Bank accounts

Bank account packages with free of charge and preferential transactions, and even with zero monthly account management fee.



Internet and mobile bank

Monitor the transactions in your Partner package comfortably from your own devices. The account packages include Internet banking and the UniCredit Mobile application free of charge.



Individual loan discounts

With the Partner account package, you are also eligible for a discount on other loan products. Should you have a sudden expense or wish to buy a home or are looking for refund after purchases, our colleagues will assist you to make a decision with favourable offers.



Convenient administration

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to talk about your finances to a professional outside business hours or to receive information on financial products face-to-face?

With our Partner service, we appoint a dedicated banking advisor, a mobile banker for you, who is also available in person at your workplace if your employer allows it; our adviser will assist you in switching banks.

Mobile bankers are specially trained professionals, proceeding and visiting you at the Bank’s request and instructions and advising you on our loan products and account-keeping opportunities, as well as other financial services, while taking your current financial needs and means into account.

If you wish, they personally take part in preparing your prospective bank transactions, monitoring further processes and liaising with you.

There are no extra charges for Mobile Banker services.

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1 A new customer is a customer who did not have a bank account agreement with the Bank in the 6 months prior to opening the account.

This information is not comprehensive; for additional details see the Bank’s Promotional Deposit Announcement and the List of Conditions for Private Individuals. For the detailed terms of deposit contracts see the General Business Terms and Conditions.



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