If you are looking for better interest rates than traditional current accounts have, and easy access to your investments, get to know the range of UniCredit Savings Account Plus!

UniCredit Savings Account Plus is a savings account with an interest rate higher than traditional current accounts and there is no monthly account management fee either1.

Who can benefit from the Savings Account Plus investment form? Those who

  • consider flexible access to their money to be important: subject to a fee, savings on the savings account can be transferred2 to the HUF current account and one can spend it from there; 
  • prefer convenient solutions: transfers can be made any time between the HUF current account and the savings account, also from home via Internet or via the phone3;
  • would like to monitor their savings on an ongoing basis.

The remuneration takes place by daily interest calculation on the basis of the end day closing balance; interest is credited quarterly.

Savings Account Plus offers band-based interest; please see the Announcement – Demand deposits and time deposits for individual clients for the prevailing annual interest rate.

For your attention!

If you consider regularity important in the management of your savings, we recommend our Regular Savings Program to you.


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This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer. For further information on Savings Account Plus please see the Announcement – Announcement – Demand deposits and time deposits for individual clients and the UniCredit Savings Account Plus List of Conditions. Please see the General Business Conditions for a detailed description of the deposit contract.


1 The rates indicated above are provided by the Bank as a promotional offer. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn. The normal fee is equal to the charge valid for the Private Account Package and is currently HUF 559/month/bank account. Method of calculating the fee for the Private Account Package: 0.01% of all debit and credit transactions for the month, or the specified minimum amount. As a promotional offer, the Bank will not charge the minimum amount indicated above. This discount is valid until withdrawn. The monthly account handling fee will be charged for every month started.

2 Transfers can equally be initiated via Phone Banking, SpectraNet Internet Banking/Mobile Banking systems or in our branches using a paper based̈ form.

3 The use of these services is conditional on the conclusion of the relevant contract.

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