Regular Saving Program with Investment Funds



Are you the conscious type who likes to plan for everything in advance?

You can reach even your greatest objectives if you take one step at a time!


Let our securities-based Regular Savings Program be your partner along the way!


You can set off to reach your objectives with monthly savings of just HUF 10,000. The program allows you to discuss your ideas with our expert consultants and to then select, from the three investment funds, the one that is the most appropriate with respect to your monthly savings. You can access your investment at any time, as needed.1


Why chose our program?


It is flexible, since

  • you decide on what you spend your savings on later, as there are no restrictions on how you use the sum accumulated;
  • you determine the amount you pay, and you can already be part of the program with monthly savings of HUF 10,000;
  • you don’t need to make a long-term commitment; you are free to choose a shorter savings period instead;
  • you can access your investment at any time.1

It is convenient, since

  • the regular sums you pay are automatically invested; all you need to do is sign an investment order when concluding the contract;
  • you only need to make a single investment decision and to choose which investment you are interested in.

It is practical, since

  • you can choose from a number of different investment funds,
  • you can apply for a card attached to the linked bank account, therefore you can directly access your savings, if needed, after the redemption of the investment units;
  • you have the chance to try a new investment opportunity that involves smaller monthly payments.

What types of investments are available as part of the program?


As part of the Regular Savings Program, you can choose from the investment notes of three different investment funds:


  • Amundi Regatta Absolute Return Fund (Series C)
    The Regatta Fund is a flexible strategic investment solution that strives, even in this unpredictable market, to make it possible to achieve returns that are in excess of the interest paid on deposits. This is intended to be achieved based on a moderate risk absolute return strategy, a global room to manoeuvre and a wide range of investment instruments.
    Further details
  • Amundi My Portfolio Fund of Funds
    My Portfolio Fund for portfolio management2 offers investors a similar solution, since it is an actively managed investment fund consisting of a number of elements. From time to time, the composition of the fund is adapted to prevailing market trends by our experts, who consider a very wide range of investment opportunities.
    Further details


Intending to conclude a contract or in need of help?

Our advisors will readily assist you at our bank branches!

Intending to save in the form of a deposit? Find out more about our Regular Savings Deposit Program! Further details


The distributor of the investment notes of the Funds is UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. (Activity Licence No.: I-1523/2003.), a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange. The Fund is managed by Amundi Alapkezelő Zrt. (Activity Licence No.: III/100.001-5/2002. and III/100.001-6/2003. H-EN-III-1120/2012. and H-EN-III-136/2014). Pursuant to Act CXX of 2001 on the capital market, Act XVI of 2014 on collective investment trusts and their managers and the amendment of certain acts on financing, this information qualifies as commercial communication and, pursuant to Act CXXXVIII of 2007 on investment firms and commodity dealers and on the regulations governing their activities, it qualifies as advertising. This commercial communication does not provide comprehensive information on the Fund or on the conditions of distribution and it does not constitute an offer or an investment proposal.

Before making your investment decision, please consider the subject, risk and fees of the investment along with any losses that may result from the investments. For the above purpose, we ask you to read thoroughly the currently valid official Brochure and the Management Policy and Special Investor Information (KIID) of the Fund, available at the website of the fund manager at and of the distributor at and the website operated by the National Bank of Hungary at, as well as the prevailing List of Conditions and Business Policy of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. relevant with respect to investment notes distribution conditions and subscription and redemption fees, these latter being available at the distribution locations and at the distributor’s website. Please be aware that the Fund’s net asset value may vary significantly, based on potential asset composition or the applicable management technique. In the event of their sale, the investment notes held by investors may be worth more or less than the amount paid when they were purchased.

On behalf of the Fund, the Fund Manager must fulfill its regular reporting obligations concerning the Fund in its annual and semi-annual report and the monthly portfolio report, by means of publication at the places of disclosure. (Fund Manager: and, operated by National Bank of Hungary).

1 Cash withdrawal, transfer and other account-related transactions are subject to the fees and commissions outlined in the list of conditions entitled “Conditions Applicable to the Regular Savings Program UniCredit Savings Account”. Unit redemption is subject to the fees outlined in the prevailing List of Retail Conditions. Investment notes can be redeemed at the prevailing rates.

2 In the course of individual portfolio management, the service provider offers personalised services to investors, for example by means of a customised investment policy.

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