Mastercard Platinum credit card


If you want a really exclusive credit card with enhanced services, our Mastercard Platinum embossed credit card may be ideal for you. Several premium and extra services are linked to it which always ensure you special attention, even while you make your purchases. Enjoy the comfort provided by the UniCredit credit card!


What are the main features of the Mastercard Platinum credit card?

  • The card’s balance is not verified by the bank under the authorization process in every case so you are allowed to make offline (card-not-present) transactions with the it, e.g. to book a hotel room or rent a car.
  • Available credit line: between HUF 1,000,000 and 1,500,000, APR: 37.94%.
  • The credit line may be extended annually automatically, and so it might be enough to apply for it only once.
  • You can choose to repay the credit line used in several ways.
  • In our cash back promotion you will get HUF 1 back after each HUF 100 purchase transaction.
  • Travel safely with the Platinum travel, health, accident and luggage insurance that is valid abroad and special domestic accident insurance which are automatically linked to the card.
  • Automatic emergency services are also available with the card: card replacement and emergency cash advance may be requested in Hungary or abroad because these services are included in the fee for the bank card.
  • If you need to block your bank card, we arrange the card replacement and the regeneration of the PIN code free of charge, because these services are already included in the bank card fee.
  • You can use our SMS service free of charge1, as a special offer.
  • The card’s membership fee includes the fee of a life insurance policy which serves as collateral.
  • With a Platinum credit card you do not even have to pay the monthly account handling fee, because the fee of the card includes it, too.

A representative example:

For the UniCredit Platinum credit card projected onto a credit line of HUF 1 000 000. The monthly fixed credit interest to be charged is 2.22 %. If a credit card agreement is concluded with the bank for an indefinite period, the annual percentage rate (APR) for the 1-month settlement period in the first year:  for a full loan amount, a credit line of HUF 1 000 000 and a term of one year, the APR is 36.16%. If you accept a credit card with a credit line of HUF 1 000 000 and after its receipt you spend the whole amount immediately, and only repay the minimum amount for 11 months which meets the criteria of the minimum repayment amount, calculated in this example: HUF 50 000, but settle the total debt in the 12th month, the total estimated fee of the loan based on the assumptions and parameters taken into account upon the determination of the APR: HUF 271 714, while the total estimated amount payable by the client: HUF 1 271 714, which includes  HUF 0 monthly closure fee, card issuer fee is HUF 9 995, purchase comission 0,3%, max 6000 HUF beside the interest.

Decide responsibly on taking out a loan

The Responsible Lending and Banking Terms and Definitions may help you become more knowledgeable on contracting a loan, while at the website of the Hungarian National Bank’s Financial Customer Protection Centre you can find product descriptions that help you make responsible decisions, as well as applications that help you make comparisons. Please make a responsible and prudent decision with respect to taking out a loan, taking your income into account.

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This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute a contractual offer. The rules and conditions of the use of credit cards are included in the General Terms and Conditions and the Business Rules on Bank Cards, and the detailed conditions including the interest rate and fee elements of the credit card are included in the List of Conditions for Retail Credit Card Holders. The bank reserves the right to amend conditions and to make a decision on the issuance of the credit card and the extent of the credit line based on the credit card application and the submitted documents, according to the currently valid List of Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions and the Business Rules on Bank Cards, on the basis of its own credit assessment.

The APR has been determined in consideration of the current conditions and the prevailing legal provisions and may be modified in the event of any changes in such conditions. For loans with variable interest rates, the APR will not reflect the interest rate risk of the loan.

1 The normal fee for text messages is HUF 36 per message and, as a special offer, the bank will not charge this fee. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn.

2 The normal fee for bank card purchases is 0.3%, or no more than HUF 6,000, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn.

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