Mastercard Gold contactless debit card


If you are looking for an exclusive bank card with enhanced services, choose the embossed Mastercard Gold bank card. These cards can be used safely in many places of the world, both within the country and abroad, for purchases and for cash withdrawal. In addition, several premium and extra services are linked to the Mastercard Gold debit card that will make your days easier.


What are the advantages of debit cards?
  • easy purchases within the country and abroad,safe online shopping,
  • purchases with the card are free of charge1 in most account packages as a special offer,
  • easy cash withdrawal from ATMs both within the country and abroad,
  • query your account balance on UniCredit ATMs within the country,
  • top up your mobile phone on ATMs within the country,
  • deposit cash in your UniCredit account on UniCredit ATMs and use it immediately for card purchases,
  • take part in bank card promotions with your UniCredit bank card.
Further advantages of Mastercard Gold contactless debit cards
  • one-tap contactless payment,
  • you can use the card for payment even if it is not present during your purchase, to book a hotel room or rent a car,
  • travel within the country and abroad with the Gold travel, health, accident and luggage insurance linked to the card.
Further services available with Mastercard Gold contactless bank cards

A Mastercard Gold bank card also offers you additional services as well:

  • register free of charge for the Mastercard Premium Selection Program and enjoy the exclusive offers;
  • use the Mastercard Lounge  free of charge by simply showing your boarding pass and Mastercard Gold bank card at the Sky Court Terminal at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.
What do we also offer with your Mastercard Gold and bank card?
  • Keep track of your bank card transactions and your account balance with our text message (SMS) service.  
  • Apply for a supplementary card for your family members and give them access to the available balance of the account.
  • Apply for an extra travel insurance (for additional annual fee) for your card if you look for higher safety.
Useful information about using your card
  • If you have lost your bank card or it has been stolen, block it immediately with our Telephone Banking service by calling +36 1/20/30/70  325 3200.
  • If you have more than one account at UniCredit you can use the same bank card to have access to all account balances (HUF and foreign currency). Read more about the flexible account settings here.
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The information is not comprehensive and is not a contractual offer. The detailed description of the products and services is included in the Announcements and List of conditions of debit bank cards for private customers and the General Terms and Conditions, as well as General Business Conditions for Private Customers and the Bank Card Terms and Conditions. The bank reserves the right to amend the conditions.

1 The standard fee for bank card purchases is 0.3%, or no more than HUF 6,000, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn. In certain account packages the bank charges not only the transaction fee but also a booking entry fee for each purchase transaction. As a special offer, the bank will not charge the fee indicated above to the bank accounts specified in the respective terms and conditions as long as the promotion is not withdrawn. The detailed rules of the standard (not promotional) fees and charges are included in the bank’s announcements and list of conditions for private customers.

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