With the use of our service, you can deposit cash to your HUF account held with UniCredit Bank through ATMs located throughout Hungary.

The amount deposited through our ATMs is instantly available on your account, and you have free access to it for bank card purchases or cash withdrawals, as well as to make transfers and or term deposits.    

To use the service, you need an active Mastercard, Maestro or VISA debit card issued by UniCredit Bank, and a HUF bank account linked to it.

What are the advantages of depositing cash through ATMs? 

  • You can deposit the cash to your bank account at any time, even outside banking hours.  
  • No more standing in line at the bank teller.  
  • No more filling out deposit slips.   
  • Flexible access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day1.   
  • The deposited amount is immediately available on your current account.     
  • Free of charge2.   
  • No need to use envelopes, you can just insert the bank notes directly into the ATM.
How does it work? Only 5 simple steps!


Where to find Cash Deposit ATMs


This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer. Our detailed terms are set out in our Bank Card Business Regulations and in our Lists of Conditions for Bank Cards.


1 In accordance with the provisions set out in our General Terms and Conditions, the bank reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of maintenance, internal error, etc.

2 Calculation of charges: the normal fee is 0.2% of the deposit, which will not be charged by the Bank as a special offer. This special offer is valid until withdrawal.

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