Privát Plusz account package


If you prefer simple banking and are looking for a bank account with preferential fees but without any special preconditions, choose our Privát Plusz account. The fixed monthly fee is also ideal for those who rarely use their bank accounts.


Services included free of charge in the Privát Plusz account package: (1)
  • Free of charge purchases made with your bank card and
  • you can apply for our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking service free of charge, i.e. without a one-off entry fee.

The monthly account management fee for the Privát Plusz bank account is HUF 7662. EBKM (Unified Deposit Rate Index): 0.01%.

Also apply for a bank card for your account package at a preferential rate.

You may now apply for a Mastercard® Unembossed PayPass™ bank card at a 50% discount off the issuer fee.3
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What do we also offer with your bank account?
  • Would you like to be prepared for unexpected expenses? If you are looking for options to add to your account balance, click here.
  • ERGO account insurance offers you financial assistance, not just for health problems but also helps you overcome certain difficulties relating to your account or bank card.
  • Apply for an FX account if you frequently travel abroad or wish to keep a large amount in foreign currency.
  • Do your banking conveniently and quickly using our electronic services.
Useful information on how to use your bank account
  • If you are not one of our clients yet, read more about the simplified way of switching banks.
  • Use our UniCredit ATM machines, equipped with the function not only to withdraw, but also to deposit cash free of charge, under this promotion, while it lasts.4
  • Avoid standing in line at the post office and instead of using yellow cheques pay your utility bills easily and safe with direct debits. You can read about the advantages of direct debits in Hungarian HERE.
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This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute a contractual offer. The detailed description of the account and deposit agreement, products and services are included in the announcements and list of conditions of UniCredit Bank for private customers, the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the General Business Conditions for Private Customers and the Bank Card Terms and Conditions. The bank reserves the right to amend conditions.

1 The standard fee for bankcard purchases is 0.3%, or no more than HUF 6,000, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. The one-off fee for joining Internet Banking and Mobile Banking is HUF 2,000, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. The promotional offers are valid until withdrawn.

2 The monthly account management fee is charged for each started month. Method of calculating the monthly account handling fee: 0.01% of the monthly amounts credited and debited on the bank account or a minimum of the amount indicated above. As a special offer, the bank will not charge the minimum amount indicated above. The promotion is valid until withdrawn.

3 The standard issuer fee for a Mastercard Unembossed PayPass bank card is HUF 2,560; in a Privát Plusz account package, the bank will charge the preferential fee instead of the standard issuer fee for a Mastercard Unembossed PayPass bank card as a special offer. This promotion applies only to one primary card at a discount issuer fee and is valid until withdrawn.

4 Calculation of charges: the normal fee is 0.2% of the deposit, which will not be charged by the bank as a special offer. This promotional offer is valid until withdrawn.

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