During our everyday life, unexpected events may occur frequently and it is always good to be prepared for them. Think about your own security and that of your loved ones and your home in advance! Do you often travel abroad? Don’t forget about travel insurance before you start your trip so that the journey can indeed be about relaxation and recreation.

Allianz Home Insurance Plus


Maximum protection, 24 types of home insurance cover and numerous optional supplementary insurances. Take out an Allianz Home Insurance Plus in any branch of UniCredit Bank, and no unexpected event affecting your home and your family will catch you unprepared.


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Contractors’/Erection All Risks Insurance


It provides coverage for the construction, refurbishment, extension and modernization of residential buildings, detached houses and the premises of small enterprises.  It covers the buildings, building equipment already mounted or to be mounted, electrical and technical building equipment as well as work instruments. We also recommend this product to customers obliged by the financer to take out an insurance for the construction period as a condition for credit disbursement.


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Mandatory motor third party liability insurance


It is widely known that the mandatory motor third party liability (TPL) insurance provides compensation for the damages suffered by the innocent party in a road accident. Nevertheless, few people are aware that it covers not only vehicle damages but also personal injuries. Entrust your security to one of Hungary’s largest insurance companies, because you can be sure of Allianz’s financial stability.


Manage all the administrative issues related to your motor third party liability insurance electronically, thus your premium will be even lower. Complete your insurance with a supplementary coverage and ensure full coverage for your vehicle using our Allianz Assistance 24 service or Allianz “Kötelező Plusz” (motor third party liability plus) insurance.


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Allianz Casco

Are you worried that your car may be damaged through vandalism or collision, or even be stolen? Unexpected events may occur anytime. Be prepared to face them and take out an Allianz Casco insurance in any UniCredit branch.

Allianz Casco provides coverage for natural forces, theft and breakage, including game damage, fire damage, breakage of glass and car vandalism due to theft attempt, covering the vehicle’s standard and extra accessories as well.

Tailor your insurance premium to your preferences and select the communication channel, premium payment mode and deductible that you find most favourable.

Your loyalty will be rewarded with a discount: if you take out an insurance with our Company for 2, 3 or even 5 years and don’t terminate your contract before it expires, you will receive a premium discount depending on the length of the insurance period.


For more information, visit one of our UniCredit branches.

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