Patika overdraft facility



What kind of businesses is the Patika overdraft facility for?
What does the Patika overdraft facility offer?
What are the main features of the Patika overdraft facility?

How can you apply for a Patika overdraft facility?

Please contact our staff in the UniCredit branches for personal credit advice. Our advisors will inform you on the currently effective terms and conditions and the requirements to apply.

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What else might you need to manage your pharmacy's finances?

This information is not a contractual offer.
The detailed conditions are included in the Bank's currently effective Announcement on the list of conditions regarding small enterprise loan fees and charges and in the list of conditions therein. The other terms are specified in the individual contracts and in the Bank's General Terms of Business. The Bank reserves the right to amend the conditions and to grant a loan based on application subject to its own approval process.

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