“Change of Rhythm” loan is a HUF investment loan for small and medium-sized businesses with standardised terms and a shorter lending process for the purchase of equipment, primarily without the need for any tangible collateral.

Why is it worth applying for a „Change of Rhythm” loan?
  • If you want to enhance or modernise your equipment or machinery, by taking a „Change of Rhythm” loan you can advance and achieve your development ideas.
  • The purpose of the „Change of Rhythm” loan is the purchase or acquisition of tangible assets (new or second-hand production and manufacturing equipment, machinery, other equipment).
  • By executing your investment plans, you can increase the competitiveness of your enterprise.
  • You can adjust the amount and term of the loan to your individual investment needs and the payback period.
  • Adjusted to the timing and payback period of the investment, a grace period may be determined, during which you need not start to repay the loan.
  • You can receive the loan through a simplified and accelerated decision-making process.
  • If your creditworthiness is satisfactory, you can apply for the „Change of Rhythm” loan without the need for any tangible collateral.
  • The loan will be granted with the involvement of the Rural Credit Guarantee Foundation (“AVHGA”) as a guarantor.
Who do we recommend the „Change of Rhythm” loan to?

It is recommended and available for resident limited liability companies (Kft.), private limited companies (Zrt.), public limited companies (Nyrt.), general partnerships (KKt.), limited partnerships (Bt.), companies operating in a cooperative form, sole proprietors (including small-scale primary agricultural producers), one-man companies and law offices all as defined in Act XXXIV of 2004 (the “SME Act”) that have at least 2 complete, closed business years and meet the eligibility criteria of the product and that of the AVHGA.

Main parameters of the „Change of Rhythm” loan


Loan amount: minimum HUF 3 million, maximum HUF 100 million, for sole proprietors maximum HUF 50 million.
Currency: HUF
Term of the facility:                      
minimum 13 months and maximum 5 years from the date of the contract, adjusted to the payback period of the investment, by arrangement.
Loan disbursement:                      
against invoices not older than 90 days preceding the date of submission of the loan request to the Bank, in a lump sum or in tranches following the expending of own resources. The reclaimable VAT amount cannot be financed. The Bank shall check whether the  use of the loan is in line with the loan purpose.
Own resources: minimum 20% of the planned investment costs.
Grace period: depending on the term of the loan, maximum 1 year from the date of the contract, but not shorter than the availability period of the loan.
Availability period: maximum 6 months from the date of the contract, adjusted to the implementation period of the investment.
Repayment: the loan is to be repaid in equal instalments, the repayment of the principal being paid on a monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly basis, always simultaneously with the interest payment.
Interest rate: 1-month or 3-month BUBOR + the interest premium expected by the Bank. In the case of small business clients* the interest premium is as per Annex No. 4 of the “List of Conditions for loans – for Small Business Clients”, and in the case of corporate clients the interest premium is expected based on the client rating.
Interest payment: on a monthly or 3-monthly basis, at the end of the interest period.
Other fees and commissions: to be determined on the basis of the “List of Conditions for loans – for Small Business Clients”.
AVHGA guarantee fee: to be determined on the basis of the agreement between the Bank and AVHGA.
  • joint and several guarantee of private individual(s) of full age who have a direct or indirect ownership interest of at least 50% and either qualify as Hungarian citizen(s) or citizen(s) of European Union member states having a permanent residence in Hungary for min. 3 years, or private individual(s) with a dual or multiple nationality, up to the total loan amount and its charges;
  • joint and several guarantee of AVHGA for 80% of the principal amount of the loan;
  • prompt collection right for the client’s transactional accounts kept at other banks;
  • where necessary according to the client’s debtor rating category established by the Bank, the Bank may require a pledge to be instituted in favour of the Bank on the asset serving as the purpose of the loan, the same to be notarised, and entered in the public collateral register (“Hbny”).

If you are interested in our product, please contact your account manager for more information or visit any branch of the Bank, where our colleagues will be pleased to assist you. You can receive more information about the Bank and our products on our website www.unicreditbank.hu.


UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.


This information is not all-inclusive, and does not qualify as a contractual offer. The up-to-date, detailed terms and conditions are included in the Bank’s “List of Conditions for loans – for Small Business Clients” currently in effect. The other terms are specified in the individual contracts and in the Bank’s Business Conditions for Corporate and Municipality Clients and in its General Terms and Conditions. The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions unilaterally, and if credit is applied for, the Bank may decide on granting the loan based on its own credit assessment.

* The clientele defined in the document “List of Conditions for Small Business Clients” shall qualify as small business clients.

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