Regular Savings Programs


Financial planning is becoming increasingly important in our lives. With our Regular Savings Programs you can start off on your goals, even with a monthly saving of HUF 5,000 . This scheme allows you to save up smaller amounts in bank deposits at a monthly frequency.


Who can benefit from the Regular Savings Program with deposits?

Clients, who

  • can set aside a minimum of HUF 5,000 per month;
  • look for convenient and flexible savings, since no new orders need to be given every month;
  • look for a tailor-made product where they can choose the pace of their saving;
  • are conscious in planning their future and managing their finances;
  • look for a saving opportunity free of charges.

What do you have to know about the Regular Savings Programs?


Regular Savings Program with Deposits

Minimum monthly saving

HUF 5,000.

Nature of investment

a one month rolling HUF deposit


base rate -0.80%

The Program's charges

Free of charges


How can you launch your own savings programme?

Contact our colleagues in our nationwide branch network!


For your attention!


This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer. Detailed terms and conditions are set out in the Bank's Retail Deposit Announcement and the relevant list of conditions as well as its General Terms and Conditions. The detailed description of the deposit contract is included in the General Business Conditions.

The National Deposit Insurance Fund protects deposits placed within the amount of 100 000 euro. This protection is valid only for deposits and excludes securities.

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