Are you looking for investments with low risks but high yield potential? Buying mortgage bonds can be a good choice for diversifying your investment portfolio.


Who can benefit from UniCredit Mortgage Bonds?

For those who:

  • want to have their savings safe: similar to government securities, these are debt securities with a very low risk;
  • like to make decisions about their finances themselves: in a selectable scheme, the investor may choose between mortgage bonds with fixed and variable interest rates;
  • wish to achieve high interest rates or yields:
    • mortgage bonds with variable interest rates will always pay a 1.2% interest rate above the annual discount treasury bill (DTB) yields that are valid as of the date when the interest rate is specified; it will remain until the end of maturity, thus ensuring a higher return;
    • mortgage bonds with fixed interest rates may exceed the yield of Hungarian government securities with similar terms by 50-80 basis points (0.50%-1.00%) annually;
  • prefer liquidity: UniCredit Bank quotes a price for the securities and so they can be redeemed before maturity, if necessary. The issued mortgage bonds are listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, which also increases the liquidity of the securities.
How can you purchase/subscribe to UniCredit mortgage bonds?

Please ask for the assistance of our advisors in our nationwide branch network.

What should you know in general about mortgage bonds?
  • These are debt securities, the returns on which are similar to those of government bonds. They are mostly comparable with long-term government bonds.
  • These are dematerialised assets booked on your securities account.
  • Their maturity can be 3 months or even 10 years, with either fixed or variable interest rates.
  • The underlying standard collateral is the amount of the principal and interest repayments received from the loans disbursed by the mortgage bank and adequately secured with the mortgage.
  • Their strength is indicated by the fact that only assets guaranteed by the state (government securities) can serve as additional collateral.
  • Standard and supplementary collateral and other asset elements of the bank are only used for the fulfillment of the claims of mortgage bond holders i.e. mortgage bond holders enjoy absolute primacy before the rest of the bank’s lenders.
  • Securities with schemes similar to those of Hungarian mortgage bonds have had a tradition of more than 200 years in Europe; no problems have ever arisen in respect of repayments.
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  • Familiarise yourself with UniCredit Bank’s Premium Banking services, within the framework of which clients can receive customised investment advice.
  • Would you like to expand your savings portfolio? Please check out the wide range of investment funds and government securities offered by UniCredit Bank.

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