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Have you thought of how to maintain the standard of living you got used to when you get older?

Those who take control of their future and begin to save during their active years are also supported by the state because if you choose a combination of the pension savings account, pension insurance and voluntary pension fund, your pension savings can generate even HUF 280,000 tax refund, which is the maximum amount available in a year1.

Pension Savings Account (NYESZ)

The Pension Savings Account can be an ideal solution, if you wish to expand your savings in government bonds, investment notes, shares – or in any other securities traded pursuant to the law and available in our Bank – and you wish to make your own investment decisions.

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ERGO Regnum Pension Insurance

The pension insurance helps you to regularly increase your savings, offers you insurance cover and also available in Euro currency.

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Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund

The voluntary pension fund can be an ideal solution, if you are looking for a simple form of savings, that can be also paid from the cafeteria scheme and offers you the highest possible tax credit among pension savings.

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