A Health Loan may be useful for major healthcare expenses. Various screening tests, the purchase of a medical aid, or a surgery may be costly. The required amount might not be at your disposal in such a difficult situation. A Health Loan may provide a flexible solution: following approval and contracting, the bank will transfer the loan to the Medicina Health Fund as your payment, which you can conveniently spend for medical purposes.  APR1: 24.38%)

We also offer an interest rate discount to go with your Health Loan
: if you choose our bank to manage your finances, you are eligible for an Active interest rate discount as detailed below. APR with Active interest rate discount1: 20.66%

A representative example

In the event of applying for a HUF 1,5 million Health Loan for a 5 year term, the standard interest rate is 18.97% annually; the standard loan interest rate period is 5 years, i.e. identical to the term, therefore the interest rate on the loan is fixed throughout its term. The annual percentage rate (APR) of the loan is 24.38%; the monthly repayment is HUF 38,886. If the loan is contracted according to the conditions set out herein, the total amount repayable by the client is HUF 2,425,664; the total cost of the loan is HUF 925,664.

The amount of the loan is first disbursed to a collateral account with UniCredit, from which it is transferred to your Medicina Health Fund account. The loan is repayable from a UniCredit bank account, which must therefore be maintained throughout the term of the loan.

What can you use a Health Loan for?

For example, you can use the amount received to cover

  • dental treatments,
  • gynecological examinations,
  • dermatological or other screening tests,
  • ophthalmological examinations or the purchase of glasses,
  • the expenses of orthopedic shoes and mattresses and other medical aids.

For detailed information on available ways to use the loan, please consult the Medicina Health Fund. Our staff at our branches or via the 06 40 50 60 70 phone number will be glad to inform you of the conditions for application, as well as the required documents.

What are the main features of our personal loan?
  • 0 HUF disbursement commission.
  • Loan amount: HUF 150,000 to 1,500,000.
  • You don’t need to offer your home as collateral.
  • Simple administration: in the event of a positive credit assessment, we transfer the required amount to your Medicina Health Fund account within a few banking days following submission of the complete documentation.
  • If you manage your finances with our bank, you may be eligible for an Active interest rate discount.

See the Customer Information in Hungarian for detailed application conditions.

What discounts are offered in relation to the Health personal loan?

Our bank transfers the amount of the Health Loan to the Medicina Health Fund, and the payment qualifies as your personal payment, as a result of which you are eligible to a 20% tax allowance2 on the amount of the loan.

We offer a 3% Active interest rate discount from the normal interest rate if you comply with the requirements:

  • at least HUF 90,000 are transferred to your bank account every month3 and
  • you use your debit card for purchases4 of a minimum amount of HUF 15,000 per month.

The APR in the event of an interest rate discount1 is 20.66%. With the exception of the first 2 months of the term, the bank shall inspect compliance with the requirements of the Active interest rate discount monthly, for the period between the first and last day of each calendar month. If you fail to meet the requirements in a reviewed month you will not be entitled to the interest discount in the subsequent month.

Decide responsibly on taking out a loan!

The Responsible Lending and Banking Terms and Definitions may help you become more knowledgeable on contracting a loan, while at the website of the Hungarian National Bank’s Financial Customer Protection Centre in Hungarian you can find product descriptions that help you make responsible decisions, as well as applications that help you make comparisons. Please make a responsible and prudent decision with respect to taking out a loan, taking your income into account.

What do we offer in addition to the Health Loan?

Choose a Health account for your everyday finances!

Prepare for your health expenses more consciously and utilise the health fund tax allowance with a Health account (EBKM: 0.00%). If you choose this account package, some of your banking costs may be refunded to you to your Medicina Health Fund account. Further details

The information is not comprehensive and this advertisement does not qualify as a contractual offer. The detailed terms are set out in a separate list of conditions for Health Account Packages and Health Loans. The bank reserves the right to amend conditions. The bank’s decision relating to granting a loan shall be made in accordance with the conditions outlined in its Retail Business Regulations, List of Conditions and Announcement, based on its loan assessment.


1 The APR indicated has been determined in consideration of the current conditions, the prevailing legal provisions and the loan account. Its terms may be modified in the event of any changes in interest rates.

2 For purposes of this information, according to Section 44/A (1) of Act CXVII of 1995 on personal income tax, the amount transferred from the tax to the health fund account is considered as a tax allowance, taking into account that the allowance used from the voluntary mutual insurance funds cannot exceed HUF 150,000 in the tax year. You can utilise it if the tax of your aggregate tax base for the tax year provides coverage on the deduction of the tax allowances, you have paid the tax to the tax authority and the other conditions for it as included in the PIT Act also prevail.

3 Transfers between your own accounts are not considered for the requirement for the Active interest rate discount.

4 All of the HUF transactions below that are launched/initiated shall be regarded as purchase activities: if you make any purchases within Hungary using any POS terminal, or place an order through the internet, or place a phone order and such transaction appears as an item recorded in your account statement for the given period.

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