Use your new UniCredit credit card to travel to Paris.


Apply for a new UniCredit credit card and win one of the 5 weekend trips to Paris with EUR 1,500 worth of spending money. All you have to do is apply for a credit card in the promotion, initiate a purchase transaction in the minimum value of HUF 1,000 before the end of the promotion and register. In fact, you can now apply your UniCredit credit card1 without an issuer fee and, upon meeting our terms, we will even refund your membership fee at the end of the first year.2

Apply for your credit card until 31 October 2018, initiate a purchase transaction of over HUF 1,000 register through our web page and answer the question no later than 16 November 2018 to take part in our promotion.


Get to know UniCredit credit cards or request more information from our colleagues.


The trip to Paris includes the following:

  • EUR 1,500 worth of spending money,
  • Budapest–Paris return flights for 2,
  • 2-night stay at a 4-star hotel with breakfast,
  • dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant,
  • VIP dinner at the Moulin Rouge,
  • and a Paris Priceless Experience thanks to Mastercard®.

Why is it practical to have a credit card?

  • Because there is no need for you to turn down an unrefusable offer even at the end of the month.
  • Because thanks to our cash back promotion, you may get a refund of HUF 1 for every HUF 100 spent.
  • Because debit cards are not accepted by numerous service providers for hotel reservations or car rentals, etc.
  • Because you can make interest-free purchases if you settle the full balance at the end of the repayment period3.
  • Do you have a UniCredit current account? Set up an automatic transfer order for automatic repayment.
In order to file your credit card application, please present the following documents at your nearest UniCredit branch

The forms required for the application are available on our website.


APR4: 36,16-36,95%

This information is not comprehensive. The detailed terms and conditions are included in the Conditions of Participation document.

The detailed conditions for credit cards are set out in the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and its Bank Card Terms and Conditions, while the details of the terms and conditions are described in the ‘List of Conditions for Credit Card Holder Private Clients’ document. The Bank conducts its own credit assessment to decide on the issue of the credit card and on the credit line to be offered.

1 The promotion extends to MasterCard Orange, MasterCard Blue, MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum credit cards issued during the promotion period. (Credit cards replaced during this application period do not classify as newly issued cards.) Private credit cards used for business spending are not involved in the promotion.


2 Membership fees will be credited if the credit card is still valid or not under cancellation at the time the membership fee is charged.


3 The conditions for interest-free card use are only fulfilled if the credit card was solely used for purchase transactions.


4 The APR figure was determined by taking into consideration the prevailing terms and conditions as well as the applicable legislation. The rate may be modified upon changes to the conditions. The APR figure does not reflect the interest rate risk of the credit.

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