UniCredit Mastercard retail credit card action
2. October 2017 – 31. December 2017

This is the best time to apply for a retail Mastercard credit card as you could win one of 50 iPhone 7 smartphones!

How to become eligible?

  • Apply for a new Mastercard retail credit card1 between 2 October and 30 November 2017;
  • register on our website, give the correct answer to the question there, and
  • use your new credit card for contactless purchases at least 20 times by 31 December 2017;

As another condition for participating in this promotion, you will need to have a valid statement of consent for us to contact you with promotional offers in accordance with the Conditions of Participation. If you have no such valid statement, you may supply it during the promotional period.2

APR3: 36.51-37.54%

This information is not comprehensive. The detailed terms and conditions are included in the Conditions of Participation document.

The detailed conditions for credit cards are set out in the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and its Business Conditions for Bank Cards, while the details of the terms and conditions are described in the document ‘List of Conditions for Credit Card Holder Retail Clients’. The Bank conducts its own credit assessment to decide whether to issue the credit card and what credit line to offer.


1 Included in this special offer are new contactless Mastercard Orange, Mastercard Blue, Mastercard Gold and Mastercard Platinum credit cards issued during the promotion period. (credit cards replaced during this card application period do not classify as newly issued cards)
2 You may supply your consent for us to contact you with promotional offers at one of our UniCredit branches.
3 The APR figure was determined by taking into consideration the prevailing terms and conditions as well as the applicable legislation; the rate may be modified if conditions change. The APR figure does not reflect the interest rate risk of the credit.

Apple is neither a participant nor a sponsor in this Special Offer.

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