Use UniCredit Mobile App to Support Bátor Tábor  


You can help to collect HUF 10 million for the Bátor Tábor Foundation!

Since 2001, Bátor Tábor Foundation has been organising camps that provide life-changing experiences to seriously diseased children and their family members, giving them strength for recovery. Be a part of this noble cause and help to collect HUF 10 million for the Bátor Tábor Foundation!

What can be covered from this amount of money that UniCredit intends to give to the Foundation, based on its clients’ activity?

the costs of organising family camps on 4 weekends or the costs of catering 400 children in the summer camps or the costs of providing healthcare assistance in camps to be held in 2019

What can you do to help collect HUF 10 million for the Bátor Tábor Foundation?


  • If you do not have the UniCredit Mobile application yet:
    Download the app to your mobile device for the first time and activate the UniCredit Mobile service. By doing so, you contribute HUF 1,000 to Bátor Tábor in support.
  • If you have the UniCredit Mobile application already:
    During the term of the promotion, you will have the chance to help Bátor Tábor Foundation to get HUF 100 in support, once in each month commenced. All we ask from you is to use your UniCredit Mobile application to make a single domestic HUF payment1 at least once in the given month.

This information is not comprehensive. Further details can be found in the announcement on the Bátor Tábor promotion in the UniCredit Mobile application. The promotion, opened for private retail customers, will run from 17.04.2019 until further notice, or until the target support amount of HUF 10,000,000 is reached.

What did participating children say about the camps?


Advantages of UniCredit mobile application:

  • Economical: During our promotion, you can apply for no entry fee or monthly fee. 1
  • Convenient: with mCash you can withdraw cash from all Hungarian UniCredit ATMs without a credit card.2
  • Secure: meets the strictest banking security requirements.
  • Practical: You can pay your bills without standing in a queue in a post office.

1 Activation of the UniCredit mobile app is free of charge during the promotion period, the standard fee is HUF 2,000. The promotion is valid until rescinded. The standard monthly fee for the service is HUF 150 per month, which is not charged by the bank during the promotion. The promotion is valid until withdrawal.

2 The standard fee for the service is 0.66 % minimum HUF 245. The service is available to retail customers who have an active debit card and have a HUF account attached to the card.


How can you download our application?

If you don't already have UniCredit Mobile on your smartphone, you can download it from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.


This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer to conclude a contract. The terms and conditions for the use of the UniCredit Mobile application are set out in the General Terms and Conditions, the announcements for private customers, the Lists of Conditions, and the Client Information on the UniCredit Mobile service, which are also available in all of our branches.


1The following payment types are not accepted during this promotion:

HUF and foreign currency transfers between own accounts;

Standing orders from a payment account;

Direct debit orders from a payment account;

Repayment of credit card debt from a payment account.

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