Long-term Investment Contract


Do you plan your savings for a minimum of a three or five year horizon? A Long-term Investment Contract (TBSz) is an advantageous form of saving that can bring your goals closer. The key advantage of TBSZ is that, provided you comply with the statutory criteria, you pay no or less tax on your savings deposited there.


Who can benefit from TBSz?

Clients, who

  • plan to invest their savings for a minimum of 3 or 5 years,
  • would like to use their exemption from tax and contributions or discounted tax.

How can you get exemption from tax and contributions on the TBSz Account?

  • If, following the year when the contract was concluded, you do not withdraw your savings from the contract for three calendar years then, instead of 15 percent, you have to pay only 10 percent personal income tax (SzJA) on the yield of your investment.
  • If, following the year when the contract was concluded, you do not withdraw your savings from the contract for five calendar years then all received interest and yield is fully exempt from tax, i.e. you don't have to pay SzJA.

The obligation to pay 15% SzJA and arises only where you break up the deposit within three calendar years following the year when the contract was concluded.


What products are available on the TBSz?

Every form of investment is available on the TBSz account. You can save up in a bank deposit or in securities. These require separate contracts. Within the individual contracts, however, you can amend the products as you wish. This means that, upon the expiry of a deposit, you can start a new one, or you can shape your investment fund portfolio according to the market changes.


How can you enter into a Long-term Investment Contract with our bank?

Contact our colleagues in our nationwide branch network!


For your attention!

Invest at least a minimum of HUF 5 million in a Long-term Investment Contract Account and enjoy the benefits of the Premium Banking service!



This information is not comprehensive and shall not constitute a contractual offer; its only purpose is to draw your attention. Detailed terms for the banking products are set out in UniCredit Bank’s business policy, Terms and Conditions, and the announcements related to the relevant product. UniCredit Bank reserves the right to change its terms and conditions. Detailed terms for the deposit contracts are set out in the General Terms and Conditions, and in the Bank's Retail Deposit Announcement. Should you have any question or need more information, please visit one of our branches, where our colleagues are ready to provide you with all the details you might need.

The National Deposit Insurance Fund protects deposits placed within the amount of 100 000 euro. This protection is valid only for deposits and excludes securities.

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