Life insurances

You cannot only prepare for unexpected events with insurance but you can also invest your savings while ensuring protection with it against unpredictable events. What is more, you can prepare for the financial challenges of nurturing your children or retirement.

Allianz” Életprogram” (Life Programme)


Allianz Life Programme is suitable for all those who wish to make sure that their savings are invested profitably and also want to be prepared for any unforeseen events.


Allianz “Életprogram” (Life Programme) offers you a profitable investment opportunity in line with your medium-term goals.


Allianz “Bónusz Életprogram” (Bonus Life Programme) is a long-term investment scheme, which rewards your loyalty with attractive discounts.


Single-premium Allianz “Életprogram” (Life Programme) enables you to invest larger amounts with favourable conditions.


Profitable investments, even in the short term: apart from regular savings, we also offer you the possibility of investing your non-recurring income (extra payments, bonuses).

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No longer distributed products
  • ERGO Bonum life insurance
  • ERGO Novum life insurance
  • ERGO Aqua life insurance
  • ERGO Regnum life insurance
  • ERGO Aqua life insurance

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  • Oltalom accident insurance

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Pension insurance with tax allowance


This special, unit-linked pension insurance scheme allows you to ensure financial security for your retirement. You can claim a tax allowance of 20% (maximum HUF 130,000) for the premiums you have paid.


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Allianz “Gondoskodás” (Care) Programme

Allianz “Gondoskodás” Programme is a life insurance scheme that guarantees service provision by the insurance company in the event of an accident, illness or an unpredictable disaster. Apart from providing insurance protection, it also offers you flexible solutions for investing your non-recurring savings.


Allianz “Gondoskodás Program Plusz” (Care Programme Plus)

Under the Allianz “Gondoskodás Program Plusz” agreement, apart from providing the services included in the “Gondoskodás Program”, the insurance company shall also credit a no-claim bonus to the client’s account if no insurance service was requested during the term of the insurance.


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