During our everyday life, unexpected events may occur frequently and it is always good to be prepared for them. Think about your own security and that of your loved ones and your home in advance! Do you often travel abroad? Don’t forget about travel insurance before you start your trip so that the journey can indeed be about relaxation and recreation.

Allianz ‘My Car’ motor insurance

4 car insurance plans, 1 easy choice.

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Why choose Allianz ‘My Car’ motor insurance?

We recommend Allianz ‘My Car’ motor insurance to those who want to insure their vehicle against unexpected events simply and quickly, whether it be a simple technical accident, natural damage or theft or breakage.

The ‘My Car’ insurance consists of a set of four pre-built plans to ensure that the services are transparent and that everyone can easily choose the insurance cover that best suits their needs, depending on the risks they wish to cover.

The KOMFORT plan includes compulsory motor liability insurance, legal
assistance as well as basic assistance and accident insurance. 
In addition to the elements of the previous plan, the PLUS plan protects against
unavoidable events such as natural disasters, fire and explosion, collisions with
animals as well as extended assistance and traffic accident services. 
The EXTRA plan – apart from covering the above – is designed to cover
incidents that may be partially prevented, such as theft, damage or glass
The MAX plan provides complete protection against damage resulting from own
faults and unexpected events.

Overview of plans

Inserted table of coverage for each plan

Coverage Comfort Plus Extra Max What does it cover?
Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance – MTPL * Mandatory insurance to cover damage caused to others by the insured vehicle.
Legal assistance Includes 24/7 telephone assistance and, if necessary, advice from a lawyer in the event of a traffic accident.
Road side assistance (base) Includes on-site technical assistance (e.g. towing to nearest repair shop, passenger transport) in case of accident and/or technical failure.
Traffic accident (basic) Provides cover for death or permanent injury resulting from a traffic accident sustained by the driver.
Elemental damage   Provides cover for damage to or destruction of the vehicle caused by natural forces, e.g. windstorms, hailstorms, landslides or floods.
Fire and explosion damage   It covers the vehicle in the event of fire or explosion damage or destruction.
Collision with animals   Provides cover for damage caused by an animal being hit.
Assistance service (extended)   Includes additional on-site technical assistance services (e.g. replacement vehicle, hotel accommodation, repatriation) in case of accident and/or technical breakdown.
Traffic accident (extended)    Provides cover for death and/or permanent injury to the driver and passengers resulting from a car accident.
Theft     It covers damage caused by theft, unauthorized seizure of a motor vehicle or its accessories and parts, and theft or attempted theft of property in the motor vehicle.
Vandalism     It covers damage caused by vandalism, i.e. caused by a stranger in the insured vehicle.
Glass     Provides cover for the repair or replacement of damaged windscreen and other glass surfaces, such as cracks and breakages.
Breakage       It provides coverage for accidental injuries in the insured vehicle, its parts and accessories.
Purchase price insurance       In the case of a total write-off of a passenger car, we provide services based on the value of the new car up to the age of 12 months.

* The Plus, Extra and Max plans are also available without MTPL coverage.

The motor insurance sold by UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. is provided by Allianz Hungária Zrt. UniCredit Bank acts as an insurance broker for Allianz. This information is not complete. The sums insured under the insurance plans and the detailed terms and conditions are described in the Insurance Information Booklet related to the products, which includes the general terms and conditions as well as the customer information.

* For smooth administration, we recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for the interface.


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Allianz Casco

Are you worried that your car may be damaged through vandalism or collision, or even be stolen? Unexpected events may occur anytime. Be prepared to face them and take out an Allianz Casco insurance in any UniCredit branch.

Allianz Casco provides coverage for natural forces, theft and breakage, including game damage, fire damage, breakage of glass and car vandalism due to theft attempt, covering the vehicle’s standard and extra accessories as well.

Tailor your insurance premium to your preferences and select the communication channel, premium payment mode and deductible that you find most favourable.

Your loyalty will be rewarded with a discount: if you take out an insurance with our Company for 2, 3 or even 5 years and don’t terminate your contract before it expires, you will receive a premium discount depending on the length of the insurance period.


For more information, visit our branch offices,
visit our colleagues in person through our national branch network!

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