2016 UniCredit Mastercard retail credit card promotion

If you apply for a new retail contactless credit card now, you can get HUF 10,000 back! Submit your application as soon as possible so that you can do your Christmas shopping with your new credit card, and we will reimburse up to HUF 10,000 of your first two contactless purchases if you fulfill the relevant conditions.


Select a credit card suitable for your needs with our card comparison tool on our website. APR1: 37.63–38.66%


How can you participate in the promotion?

  • Apply for a new retail credit card between 14 November and 9 December 2016.
  • Make a purchase with the new credit card
    • using the contactless function (for the details of contactless payment, click here)
    • at any place in Hungary, e.g. at shops, restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas etc.
    • at least twice in the 2 credit card accounting periods after receiving the card,
    • by 24 February 2017, at the latest.
  • Submit a valid declaration on the receipt of promotional offers as defined in the Conditions for Participation.

Conditions for Participation in Hungarian


At the end of the promotional period we will credit the amount of the first two contactless card purchases, up to HUF 10,000, to the accounts of our first 800 card holders fulfilling the conditions.

The promotion lasts from 14 November 2016 till 24 February 2017.


This information is not comprehensive. For the detailed conditions, see the document titled ‘Conditions for Participation’  in Hungarian. The private individual fulfilling the conditions for participation, who does not intend to participate in the promotional offer, can cancel his/her participation through the jatek-leiratkozas@unicreditgroup.hu e-mail address.
The rules and conditions for credit card usage are included in the Bank’s General Business Conditions and Bankcard Business Policy, while the detailed conditions are set out in the document titled ‘List of conditions for credit card holding retail clients’. The Bank shall decide on the issuance of credit cards and define their credit limits based on its own assessment.


1 The APR has been defined in light of the current conditions and the effective legal provisions. The extent of the APR can be modified in case of changes in the conditions. The APR does not reflect the interest rate risk of the loan.

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