Transaction fee discharge – Special Offer


Do not hesitate! If you have to transfer money within Hungary, it’s time to do it now! Using your smartphone or tablet you can do the transaction on the go, and now you can save money.


By using the service now you can save not just time but money as well. In case you did not initiate a single domestic payment via the application during October, we have a special offer for you: if you make a single domestic payment via the application between the period of 4th of November until 31st of December 2019, we discharge the transaction fee of your first payment successfully done via [UniCredit Mobile Application] for both November and December.


How can you join this campaign?

Via [UniCredit Mobile Application], make at least one single domestic payment within the app during the campaign period. We kindly inform you that transfers between own accounts, credit card repayments, standing orders and direct debits do not take place in the campaign.


This notification is not comprehensive. Complete terms and conditions are available in the bank’s Business Policies, Announcements, and Conditions Lists, which are available in our branches. The bank reserves the right to modify the conditions.

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