Telephone Banking service


Arrange your banking quickly and conveniently through Telephone Banking. You don’t have to fit in with the opening hours of the branches or stand in queues, since you can use our wide range of banking services over the phone from home as well as when you’re on the road. You can choose to arrange your banking transactions through the automated system or you can talk to our staff.


The UniCredit Telephone Banking service is available on the following numbers:

within Hungary: +36 1/20/30/70  325 3200

What are the advantages of our Telephone Banking service?
  • available 24/7,
  • almost all of our banking services are available through the service,
  • you can arrange your banking transactions conveniently and quickly,
  • you can arrange your transactions at a fee that is more favourable than the fees of orders given at the branch,
  • it is safe, since identification is also needed for its use,
  • available both in Hungarian and English.
What kind of services are available through Telephone Banking?
  • account balance, account history queries,
  • account transactions (HUF and FX transfers, deposit management etc.),
  • card transactions: activation, limit modification, blocking,
  • loan advice,
  • security transactions (e.g. trading investment funds, sales/purchase of stock exchange securities),
  • Internet Banking and bankcard customer service,
  • provision of general information.
How to use Telephone Banking?
  • call +36 1/20/30/70  325 3200,
  • the first step is identification: for this you will need your Telephone Banking user ID and the Telephone Banking PIN code,
  • first you have to enter your Telephone Banking user ID which you can find on the PIN envelope (or in your Telephone Banking contract),
  • next our system requires the 4-digit Telephone Banking PIN code which you received in a sealed envelope,
  • after successful identification you have access to our services.

To arrange your banking quickly and conveniently we suggest to follow the process detailed above, because this way our colleagues have access to your data and can provide effective support.  

About security...

In order to avoid abuse, most of the transactions can only be performed through Telephone Banking once you have been identified after giving your user ID and PIN code. Only the blocking of the bankcard can be an exception to this, as you can do it after giving your personal data. In addition, you can also set daily and transaction limits for transactions through Telephone Banking, to do this please visit one of our branches and ask for the help of our advisors.

  • The Telephone Banking user ID is necessary when entering into the automatic system - it consists of 5-8 numbers; it is not a secret code. You can find it in your Telephone Banking contract or on the left side of the Telephone Banking PIN code envelope.
  • The Telephone Banking PIN code consists of 4 digits; it is a strictly confidential number needed for the authentication of the transactions and serves for the identification of the account holder or the person who has a right of disposal over the account. You have received your Telephone Banking PIN code in a sealed envelope sent by mail, and this code differs from your bank card PIN code. You can change the Telephone Banking PIN code if you wish, to do this please push # in our telephone system or ask for the help of our advisors.
How can you apply for our Telephone Banking service?

If you would like to use our service, please visit any of our branches where you can get your personalised Telephone Banking ID and PIN code from our advisors.

Would you like to continually monitor your banking transactions?
  • With our text message (SMS) service you can request notifications about the balance of your bank account or your bank account transactions.
  • With our Internet Banking service, you can access your bank account outside the branch, even from abroad.
  • With our Mobile Banking service, you can get updates of your finances on your smart phone.


This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. The terms and conditions of our services are included in the Bank’s business policies, announcements and lists of conditions that are available in any of our branches or can be viewed on our website. The Bank reserves the right to amend the conditions.

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