Text message (SMS) Authentication



If you want to use the SMS authentication option, please visit one of our branches or call our [Telephone Banking] service, where after proper identification (details on the „Electronic Services” under the „Telephone Banking Service”) our colleagues will help you activate this service.

Our system generates a One Time Password to authenticate each login and payment transaction in the [eBanking] service, and sends it in a text message to your phone. You need to type this password – consisting of 6 numbers – into an entry field which appears for this purpose in your [eBanking].


You can find the detailed user guide of the SMS authentication here (Strong Customer Authentication).


In line with the 2nd Payment Services Directive (PSD2) of the European Union, the initiation of banking orders has been complemented with a new step since July 26, 2019: at each initiated transaction you need to identify yourself with your [eBanking] password before our system sends you a One Time Password in SMS.

After proper identification the process will proceed as usual. You will receive a One Time Password in an SMS message, which you will need to type in at the right field in your [eBanking] to proceed with the transaction. Entering your password twice makes your identification more secure.

We would like to recommend you to change from SMS authentication method to mToken. MToken is UniCredit Bank’s own digital token,. It is easy to activate and always accessible on your mobile for internet banking. Moreover, with the new push notification function, internet banking becomes more convenient. You will receive a push notification after each transaction. With tapping on it you can authorise the transaction. Please find more information about mToken here.

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