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First steps

Activation if you have an Internet banking service [UniCredit eBanking] credentials and you use SMS or mToken authentication
Activation without [UniCredit eBanking] credentials (using Digital userID)
Logging in
Account balances


Account management functions

SEPA Payment
Direct debit
Secondary identifiers
Standing orders
Transfer between own accounts


Card-related functions

The debit and credit cards you hold appear on the cards page. On this page, you can see both activated and non-activated cards, as well as perform various actions: for example, you can set limits for activated cards and activate your non-activated debit cards.

Limit settings
Card activation
Submitting online shopping
Credit card repayment


mCash - cash withdrawal without a card

Using the mCash function, you can withdraw cash from any UniCredit ATM. You can access this feature on the “Accounts” or „Cards”page by clicking the “mCash” button on the selected account or card. You can select or enter the amount. The minimum amount that can be entered is HUF 1,000, and the maximum is HUF 150.000. The amount entered must be divisible by a thousand. Click the GENERATE CODE button, perform the identification (with a PIN code, fingerprint or face recognition) to receive the code that you enter at the ATM. (The generated code is valid for five minutes and can be invalidated at any time.) After entering the code, you can withdraw cash from the ATM in the usual way.



In [UniCredit mBanking], you can categorize your expenses and incomes, and view the categorized summary on the „Analytics” page. You can also change the categories set for each item in the transaction history on the "Accounts" and "Cards" pages by clicking on the icon. Click on each transaction to see additional breakdowns along with details of the transactions. On the "Analytics" page, swipe left and right on the upper part of the screen to switch between months. With this feature, you can review your earnings and expenses over several months, so you can re-plan your finances and make it easier to decide what you can save.


With [UniCredit mBanking] you can make your other banking matters more convenient! mToken1 will help you with that

MToken is a software-based, PIN-protected code generator service that allows you to generate the access code required to access the internet banking service [UniCredit eBanking] and the e-Sign code to authenticate transfers. These codes can be used for a maximum of 3.5 minutes.

More details about mToken

1The fee for the mToken service is HUF 150 / month, which the bank does not charge as a special offer. The promotion is valid until revoked.

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