With the new feature of our Mobile Application Services [UniCredit Mobile Appication] you are able to use our new Cards Transaction Notifications feature for free1. By turning on this service you will get instant notifications about successful and unsuccessful transactions made with your card (shopping and ATM cash withdrawal), so you can even detect unauthorized use of your card. These are push notifications through the application. To check detailed information on each transactions, just click on the push message, and after login, you will be redirected to Mobile Banking.


How can you turn on this new service?

1. Use our Mobile Application Services [UniCredit mBanking]!

If you are not using the latest version, please update it! If you are not using it at all, please download and activate it!

[UniCredit mBanking] can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operation systems and (in case of SMS authentication) can be easily activated with the Internetbanking services [UniCredit eBanking] credentials. For users without SMS authentication, the service can be activated in Branch office. Click here for more information about [UniCredit mBanking].


2. Log in to the Mobile Banking service, find Settings, Push Notifications menu, and switch on the Cards Transaction Notifications function. (Don’t forget to set up Cards Threshold!)

After you turn on the service, you will continue to receive pre-ordered transaction notification SMSs, if you ordered this service before. The two services are working separately.

If you would like to cancel your SMS service, be sure to visit any UniCredit branch during business hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service: +36 (1/20/30/70) 325 3200); or you can visit a branch.


1 The activation of the [UniCredit mBanking] Mobile Application Service is free of charge during the promotional period, the regular fee is 2000 HUF. The promotion is valid until withdrawal. The standard service fee is 150 HUF/month, which is not charged during the promotional period, if the User logs in to [UniCredit mBanking] at least once a month. The offer is valid until withdrawal.

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