We inform you that our bank will not extend the promotional period beyond the originally announced date of 28 February 2022 for the account and card information SMS services in your account package.


Therefore, from 1 March 2022 the bank will start to charge the fees set out in its lists of terms and conditions for the account and card information SMS services. An extract of the conditions is available here: Details.


SMS service is cancellable on the following channels:

  • in the Settings menu of internet banking service [UniCredit eBanking] (Details),
  • in person at any of our branches, or
  • following identification in the telephone banking service [UniCredit Telefonbank].


Instead of SMS notifications you may use free push notifications in the mobile banking application [UniCredit mBanking]. The messages would still arrive on your mobile phone for free of charge, but via [UniCredit mBanking] application. You can use push messages to be informed about your bank card payments, cash withdrawals and credits to your bank account.


The SMS service from 1 March 2022 will be available to you at the fee stated in the valid lists of terms and conditions. The charged fees will be shown in your monthly account statement as well as in your electronic banking channels.

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