Using the Internet Security Code (3D Secure Code or Verified by Visa)

What are the benefits of using the Internet Security Code?

  • ensure safe online purchases
  • available both for debit cards and credit cards
  • free of charge
Short description of the service

Do you shop online often? Would you like enhanced protection? From now on, you can make your online purchases even more secure with the help of our Internet Security Code service. Our Bank’s new service adds an extra level of security to online payment transactions and in this way can further decrease the possibility of fraud.

The essence of the service is that, when you shop online, after you have provided the usual card data, our Bank sends a unique code to the phone number you’ve provided in a SMS notification. Then, as a next step, you need to enter this code in the window that pops up on the screen. This security process provides additional protection against unauthorized use of your bank card.

How to recognize a retailer that uses the Internet Security Code

The Internet Security Code can only be used with retailers whose site displays the following logos: Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode”.
If these logos are not displayed on the retailer’s website then they are not associated with the service. With these retailers, you can pay as usual, by providing your card data and CVC2/CVV2 code.

Who can use this service?

The Internet Security Code service can be used by any of our clients who hold Visa, MasterCard or Maestro retail or business debit cards and/or credit cards.

For bank/credit cards applied for before 15.01.2018, the use of this service is conditional on the activation of the service.

  • For retail bank cards and credit cards, card holders can activate the service regarding their own card/cards independently. Account holders who wish to activate this service regarding their supplementary card can do so together with the holder of the supplementary card.
  • For business bank cards and credit cards, the cardholder can request the activation of the service with the prior notification and consent of the account holding business entity, or the prior notification and consent of the account owner/the person who has the right of disposal over the account.
  • Activation can be carried out in any of our branches or via Telebank, with the assistance of our colleagues. The mobile phone number – stored already in the database of the Bank*- where our bank will send the Internet Security Code is also recorded in the course of the activation. (*In case of Telebank activation new mobile phone number can be registered only with Telebank (Tpin) authorization.)

Please be informed, that service will be activated in case of those cards which fulfills criteria  described in the effective documents with title „Debit bankcard list of conditions – for Private Clients” and „List of conditions for credit card holder private clients”. Lists of conditions contain also the details of activation of the service. Affected clients will be informed directly by the Bank about the process, and they will receive SMS notification  -about the activation of the service- to the phone number which will be used by the Bank to send internet secure code in the future.

Cardholder can ask for the registration or modification of mobile phone number prior to/before the date of activation in order to ensure smooth usage of your card in case of internet purchase transactions.

The purchasing process


When shopping online, the card holder receives a unique, single-use code in the course of each online purchase. This code has to be entered in a pop-up window as additional identification, after the usual order and card payment data have been provided.

The Internet Security Code provided at each purchase is unique; the Bank sends it in a SMS notification to the mobile phone number provided by the card holder, upon the initiation of payment. This means that even if someone gains access to your card data,  the online purchase cannot be completed without knowing the security code sent to your mobile phone. In the course of the validation process using the Internet Security Code, the bank confirms that you are the card holder entitled to carry out the purchase. During this process, the retailer will not learn your personal Internet Security Code, which can be used just as easily as the PIN you enter at the ATM.

Frequently Asked Question
  • Do I have to reactivate the service if my card expires or I have to replace it (e.g. it is lost)?
    If the card is renewed or replaced, the service remains active; reactivation is not required. In the event of renewal of cards (if the renewed card is activated with a transaction that requires a PIN), the Internet Security Code service for the renewed card becomes available again at the latest at 2.00 p.m. on the day after the card has been activated.
  • How long does the security code sent in the text message remain valid?
    The security code received during an online purchase is valid for at least 5 minutes; then, if it is not used, it automatically becomes inactive.
  • What happens if I enter an incorrect code?
    If you enter the security code received in the text message incorrectly, you can retype the correct code.
  • What happens if I enter an incorrect code several times?
    For security reasons, if you enter an incorrect code five times in a row, the Internet Security Code Service will be blocked, and no transactions can be carried out at retailers using Internet Security Codes until the service is unblocked.
  • How can I unblock the service?
    In order to unblock the service, please call our Telebank on +36 1/20/30/70 325-3200. If you select menu option 8, then option 1, our colleagues at Card Customer Service will reactivate the service for you.
  • What happens if the security service is not available on the retailer’s website?
    The Internet Security Code service does not affect purchases in web shops where the retailer is not associated with the Internet Security Code service. In such cases, you will not receive a verification code during your online purchases; the transaction will be carried out without this step.When you use your card with an activated Internet Security Code service for payment, the retailer providing a payment option with an Internet Security Code automatically recognizes it, and the transaction will be performed with the Internet Security Code service.


Please keep in mind that the internet security code service cannot serve as a substitute for measures to protect your computer system (firewall, password, antivirus, access code, encryption, confidentiality, other system safety measures). Please also ensure before every purchase that the web shop or other online service provider with whom you will make an online transaction has the necessary security protocols in place, and has taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the data you provide.

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