The activation of new debit cards is only available through UniCredit Telephone Banking. Please call our service 24 hours a day on +36 1/20/30/70  325 3200. Please press 8 for English language and choose bank card menu.

To activate your debit card through Telephone Banking you will need:

  • your 16-digit card number;
  • the expiration date of your card – to be found on the front of the card in the “VALID THRU” field (expiration date is in a month/year format;
  • your Telephone Banking user ID, which is a minimum 4 or maximum 8 digit number. You may find it either in your Telephone Banking contract, or in your current account contract (User ID can also be found on the left side of the sealed envelope, which contains the secret Telephone Banking PIN code, under the label „Unicredit Bank / Telefonbank”);
  • your Telephone Banking personal identification number (PIN) – a 4 or 6 digit number that differs from your card PIN. Telephone Banking PIN was given to you in a sealed envelope by our colleague, when you signed the contract. You can find a label „Unicredit Bank / Telefonbank” on the  left side of the closed envelope. It is important to know that you can change and personalize your PIN code in our Telephone Banking system.

Please start your call with identification in order to arrange your banking quickly and conveniently.

You can activate your renewed debit bank card fast and easy with the first successful transaction using your PIN code.


The first transaction with entering your PIN code can be:

  • ATM cash withdrawal,
  • balance inquiry at a domestic UniCredit Bank ATM,
  • using the activation menu at a domestic UniCredit Bank ATM or
  • purchase transaction approved by your PIN code (in case of Mastercard and Maestro bank cards).

Your renewed bank card can be also activated through UniCredit Telephone Banking.

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