Manage your finances with us!

Simply switch to a UniCredit bank account and you may get back up to HUF 20,000 in our promotion.

How can you participate in the promotion?

  • Open a new HUF bank account! 1 Enter your financial habits in our website to see which account suits you best. For further details click here.
  • Sign an authorisation to switch bank accounts so that we can assist you in transferring your orders and your wages from your former account to the new one and to terminate your former account.
  • Have at least one direct debit order. Transfer simply all your former direct debit orders to your new bank account or if you did not have any direct debit orders before then place at least once. This allows you to settle your utility bills comfortably in time.
  • Make sure that at least three times HUF 150,000 is transferred into your new account within 6 months from its opening. It may be your wages or other income, family allowance etc.

If you fulfil the promotional requirements and your former bank confirms the termination of your account, then we shall credit the amount of your first direct debit order executed from your UniCredit account up to HUF 20,000 as stated in the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

The promotion lasts from 16 January to 30 June 2017 or until revoked. Click HERE to find out more details about the promotion. (in Hungarian)


How do we assist you in switching your bank account?


We help our clients switching banks terminate their former account, transfer their direct and other debit and credit orders to us and notify parties sending regular credit transfers into their account. We do all that and in an ideal case you do not need to visit your former bank or any other service provider.

Our bank provides the bank account switching service in compliance with the provisions of Government Decree 263/2016 (31 August) on switching payment accounts. Click HERE to find out more details about switching payment accounts.


Bank with us promotional announcement (in Hungarian)


This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. The detailed description of the account and deposit agreement are included in the announcements and lists of conditions of UniCredit Bank for retail clients and the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Rules of Retail Business, while the details of the promotion are included in the “Bank with Us” announcement. The Bank reserves the right to modify the conditions.


1 Partner Bónusz TOP, Partner Aktív, Partner Ikon, Partner Aktív Plusz and Partner Ikon Plusz account types, bank accounts opened with the help of intermediaries and within the framework of “I recommend a client” account opening promotion and clients who have had payment accounts at UniCredit during the period of 3 years prior to the start date of the promotion are excluded from the promotion.

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